Posted 6 мая 2022,, 08:46

Published 6 мая 2022,, 08:46

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The mention of Nursultan Nazarbayev was excluded from the draft of the new Constitution of Kazakhstan

The mention of Nursultan Nazarbayev was excluded from the draft of the new Constitution of Kazakhstan

6 мая 2022, 08:46
In the draft amendments to the Constitution of Kazakhstan published on May 6, which will be submitted to a referendum on June 5, provisions on the exclusive role and privileges of the first president of the republic, Nursultan Nazarbayev, were removed.

The provision on the right of the first president to be elected head of the republic more than twice in a row was excluded from Article 42. The paragraph stating that the status and powers of the first president are determined by the Constitution and constitutional law was removed from Article 46.

Article 91 has also changed, from which the mention of Nazarbayev as the founder of independent Kazakhstan, the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy and the invariance of his status has disappeared.

In total, more than 35 amendments have been made to the draft basic law. Some of them are aimed at the transition from a super-presidential form of government to a presidential one with a strong parliament. It is also expected to consolidate the equidistant status of the president from all political parties and movements. The closest relatives of the head of the republic will not be allowed to hold leadership positions in the quasi-public sector.

The amendments also provide for the final abolition of the death penalty.

It's worth reminding that Nazarbayev headed Kazakhstan for about 30 years. He resigned his powers in March 2019, but retained the privileges of being the holder of the special status of the first president.

In April, the speaker of the Mazhilis (lower house of parliament) Yerlan Koshanov announced the preparation of constitutional amendments, after which the constitutional law on the First President will become invalid. If the changes are adopted, the first president of Kazakhstan will lose most of his personal privileges. Before that, Ermek Abdrasulov, a member of the working group on constitutional reform, said that the members of the group decided to abandon the constitutional law on the first president, Elbasy, instead specifying the historical role of Nazarbayev. Thus, it is planned to exclude from the Constitution all norms concerning the powers of the first president.