Posted 10 мая 2022,, 09:30

Published 10 мая 2022,, 09:30

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Killers instead of veterans: on Channel One participants of the concert sang against the backdrop of American bandits

Killers instead of veterans: on Channel One participants of the concert sang against the backdrop of American bandits

10 мая 2022, 09:30
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During a festive concert on Channel One, a photo of a couple of legendary American robbers appeared on the screen, on whose account dozens of human lives.

An amazing blunder (some consider it an ideological sabotage) was made by the editors of the state-owned Channel One: during the broadcast of a concert dedicated to the next Victory Day, the most popular photograph of two American robbers of a hundred years ago appeared on the screen - Bonnie and Clyde, about whose fate several films were shot, novels were written and songs.

Journalist Viktor Yadukha notes that such incidents have long become a tradition:

“Every year the same thing: boards for May 9 with the Nazis and their equipment, now Bonnie and Clyde to the song “If there was no war”.

It would seem, well, as much as possible: everyone already knows everything, Channel One, ten times they would insure themselves. But no. Because there is not only a spiritual connection with the Second World War - there is not even a superficial interest in it. All is fake. And with this booth they got involved in a real fight.

It is also important here that this photo is imported. All agitprop feeds on Western photo stocks, as industry feeds on Western technologies, materials, machine tools and components. After all, a T-shirt with a patriotic logo is also a Chinese fabric and a European sewing machine. If we recall the basis and superstructure of Marx, these fails are a projection of a high share of imports in the economy…”

Popular blogger Alexey Exler suggests that this did not happen by chance:

“All this is very nice, of course, but why at the Victory Day concert on Channel One they showed a photo of a happy couple of American psychopathic killers Bonnie and Clyde, on whose account dozens of people were shot - is this somehow not very clear? However, of course, we are aware that all those billions that are allocated for "patriotism" are happily stolen, but maybe someone is just giving desperate signals from this bottom?

Psychologist Yulia Dyagileva is sure that it was criminal negligence:

“Well, this is generally their most famous photo! That's why I'm in amazement: okay, according to the ads, they recruited those who looked for photos for the backdrop and downloaded from the Internet, but at least one approving editor should have recognized this photo? This is Victory Day - the basis of the current ideology, Channel One, should they check that a mosquito nose - or what are they doing there? Are you that dumb already?"

Blogger Georgy Shepelev considered this incident to be the usual sloppiness:

“The usual gouging of a person who selected pictures for a video sequence. And yet - a symbol of what was done with the Soviet memory of the war in the post-Soviet era. A symbol of society's inability to manage its freedom responsibly. In Stalin's time, a person would have gone to court for this. And now - nothing of the sort. Lepi, it will do".