Posted 11 мая 2022,, 07:54

Published 11 мая 2022,, 07:54

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Deceived the police: Maria Alyokhina dressed as a courier to escape from Russia

11 мая 2022, 07:54
The famous Russian activist managed to lull the vigilance of the security forces, leave Moscow for Belarus, and then cross the border with Lithuania.

Prominent Russian political activist and member of the Pussy Riot group Maria Alyokhina left Russia after a court replaced her probation with a real one in a case of violating sanitary standards, her lawyer Daniil Berman said. He stressed that he did not know how she managed it, according to TASS. On April 26, it was reported that Alyokhina was put on the wanted list, and now truly detective details have become known, why this was done and how it ended.

The influential American edition of The New York Times turned out to have reported that Maria Alyokhina fled to Europe together with the Moscow municipal deputy Lucy Stein. It is known that back in April, both of them were placed under house arrest with a real term - in a colony. The girls left the apartment where they were in the form of Delivery Club couriers, and before that they cut off the electronic bracelets by which the police tracked their movements, and also left their mobile phones so that the security forces could not figure out their whereabouts. Then they drove together to Belarus, and then they began to try to cross the border into Lithuania, which took them a whole week.

The publication reports that the first attempt ended with the fact that the Belarusian border guards detained Alyokhina for six hours, and after the second, they simply turned her back. The fact is that Alyokhina's passport was taken away by the security forces a long time ago, and with a Russian passport she had no chance to cross the border. Then the famous Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson intervened. It is curious that GES-2, the most fashionable Moscow center for contemporary art, began its work precisely with his exhibition. The artist managed to obtain in one of the European countries a certain document giving the fugitives the status of EU citizens. Officials of this country asked not to name it in order to avoid diplomatic consequences. One can only guess why the border guards of the allied country did not inform the Russian security forces about the attempts of the fugitives to cross the border.

Now the members of Pussy Riot, who ended up abroad, are planning to tour Europe, and the legendary rock singer Björk promises to join them in Iceland.