Posted 12 мая 2022, 08:09

Published 12 мая 2022, 08:09

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In Vladivostok, vandals poured paint over the monument to intelligence officer Sorge

12 мая 2022, 08:09
In Vladivostok, a monument to Soviet intelligence officer Richard Sorge was damaged by vandals. Unknown people doused him with red paint. At present, the consequences of the incident have been eliminated.

As Vostok Media clarifies, the incident occurred before Victory Day.

Recall that the monument was installed on the Avenue of the 100th Anniversary of Vladivostok on November 7, 2019.

Richard Sorge worked in China and Japan, headed Soviet intelligence in the region. He has been to Vladivostok twice. In 1944, Richard Sorge was executed in Tokyo.