Posted 18 мая 2022,, 10:48

Published 18 мая 2022,, 10:48

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Be afraid of right-hand drive "Japanese women" in a circle! Fraudsters have invented a new type of auto-fraud

Be afraid of right-hand drive "Japanese women" in a circle! Fraudsters have invented a new type of auto-fraud

18 мая 2022, 10:48
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Insurance company experts warn of an increase in the number of accidents at roundabouts involving right-hand drive cars.

The network publication " Moy Motor ", with reference to a study by analysts from the insurance company "Ingosstrakh", reports a new type of fraud on the roads. It turns out that recently the number of so-called "auto-substitutions" committed at roundabouts has increased. Taking advantage of the right of way, the fraudsters, already at the intersection, deliberately slow down, showing that they are letting a car parked at the entrance to the intersection pass. And then they immediately provoke an accident.

Usually, the driver of the allegedly "passed" car intends to thank the "benefactor" by flashing the "emergency signal" at him, but instead gets a side impact himself. It is useless to be indignant here, since he himself will be appointed guilty in any case.

Moreover, the attackers will not ask for money from him, but will strongly suggest calling the traffic police, since it is much more profitable for them to receive payment for damage from the insurance company, and not from the “culprit” of the accident. Moreover, the most important thing here is the model of the car on which the scammers are driving. In the overwhelming majority of cases, this is a right-hand drive Japanese brand, since the Unified Method for Calculating the Cost of Refurbishment provides for the largest payments for such cars.

Experts warn that, firstly, you should be especially careful at roundabouts, since it is easiest to determine the person responsible for the accident there, and secondly, you should not be “led” by the fact that the driver of a Japanese right-hand drive car allegedly graciously lets you pass …