Posted 18 мая 2022,, 07:51

Published 18 мая 2022,, 07:51

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Nikolay Vavilov: “China has begun to gently dictate what should take place in Europe”

Nikolay Vavilov: “China has begun to gently dictate what should take place in Europe”

18 мая 2022, 07:51
Sinologist Nikolay Vavilov on the 1RNK YouTube channel spoke about the transformation that China is currently undergoing, whether, in his opinion, the United States will succeed in splitting China, and whether the yuan can become the main monetary unit of Eurasia.

“I will express a seditious thought. I would not say that the time of the West has completely passed, but the time of the domination of the West as the only center, I mean, in a broad sense, and Western Europe and North America, it is coming to an end.

There is a rebalancing and growth of the subjectivity of the East.

This means that a significant part of the Chinese population, the vast majority, believes that China will quietly exist as an independent state, without the United States.

Well, the power of Xi Jinping is based on this. He was chosen not simply because he is a master of some kind of political intrigue, although not without it, and one cannot think that he is so simple. But most of the Chinese, of course, support him in his desire to establish China as a sovereign state.

The first thing he said when he came to power was his motto as an emperor: the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Everyone understands what lies behind this term.

Can the yuan become the main unit of account for Eurasia? I think more yes than no.

Although we do not "believe" - we are talking about the facts.

Over the past year, 2021, the volume of transactions in yuan almost doubled, and this is a very large amount, it reached 12 trillion dollars. That is, the volume of cross-border transactions between China and its neighbors, and other transactions around the world, amounted to 12 trillion dollars, this is a huge amount. With a growth rate of 75%. Per year. This is a lot.

This suggests that the Chinese have stopped playing a hidden game, they have switched to the format of an open statement, an open manifestation of themselves as a global empire.

The statement that Xi Jinping and Putin signed following the Russian President's visit to Beijing on February 4 is called the Statement on International Relations in a New Era, and it actually opens the Union of Russia and China. Although it is not called that, because we refuse our rhetoric of external forces, we are against unions and bloc statuses.

But, in fact, the Chinese, importantly, condemned the expansion of NATO to the East. They have never invaded the European space before, they have never declared so frankly that they are against the expansion of the alliance.

And now, already at the level of statements, they have ceased to be a local East Asian power. They began to dictate, gently, and talk about what should take place in Europe.

And what they are now proposing to the European Union to adhere to strategic autonomy, they curse NATO and the United States for undermining world stability, translated from Chinese into Russian should be read like this: we are the basis of world stability.

The entire broadcast with the participation of Nikolai Vavilov can be viewed here.