Posted 18 мая 2022,, 10:38

Published 18 мая 2022,, 10:38

Modified 25 декабря 2022,, 20:56

Updated 25 декабря 2022,, 20:56

Together with McDonald's, an entire era that was born by Perestroika is leaving Russia

18 мая 2022, 10:38
Елена Кадырова
McDonald's... Thank you for being here. Since even you are already leaving, it means that everything is truly THE END. You are the simple-hearted and cheerful spirit of the era of change. The era of the new, fresh, the era of "smiles for free".

Yelena Kadyrova, psychoanalyst

You grew up and grew old with us - from a foreign expensive fingers you lick a dandy gradually turned into a shabby, unhelpful, but still beloved by children, cheerful, affordable fast food. A place for unpretentious meetings, an affordable clean toilet, children's parties...

McDonald's - how will children and their parents be without you now? And motorists without Makavto? Yes, that's not even the point, a person gets used to everything and, probably, weaned from everything. And from life too. After all, you are not only about convenience and familiar service, it’s not exactly like IKEA or Visa with Mastercard, you are the very spirit of our national era of change. The spirit born of Gorbachev's perestroika. The spirit of an untimely departed, murdered, suffocated era of change. And if even you're already leaving, that means that this is THE END.

This means that now only the waters of the infernal Styx are around - the local Solaris, generously recreating the ghosts of the past on the way to the Russian branch of the kingdom of Hades. There is no place for simple-minded cheerleaders like you, there are completely different energies here, my friend. So goodbye! Thank you for being with your free smile. I’m sorry, I can’t smile back, it’s hard to lose...