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Published 19 мая 2022,, 20:48

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German writer: "The situation in Ukraine is serving to distract us from the coming WHO dictatorship"

German writer: "The situation in Ukraine is serving to distract us from the coming WHO dictatorship"

19 мая 2022, 20:48
The website “Our Central Europe - United Forces for the Europe of homelan” published an article dedicated to WHO by the German writer and “retired entrepreneur” Meinrad Müller, who, as noted, “comments on domestic, economic and foreign policy topics for blogs in Germany with a twinkle in his eye”.

Muller's article is titled "WHO horror from June: Germany voluntarily (!) puts the World Health Organization above its own government".

"The author sets himself the task of pointing out one of the greatest dangers that we are about to experience. We organize our everyday life with zeal, reconciling work and family according to the motto "We are the architects of our own happiness". And then this: inflation! Our savings and our income are just melting between our fingers like soft ice cream in the blazing sunshine. In this essay you will find out that our personal freedom is also melting away.

The prison around us

We perceive that it is not us, but others who intervene in our lives from the outside. We didn't call out inflation or Corona. And suddenly they were there, enslaving, humiliating and killing our relatives. And the little servants among us turned out to be the willing helpers of the foremen.

So we learned that forces outside of our small sphere of influence, like the weather and international financial policies, have a concrete impact on our small private life. We are no longer democratically asked, we are allowed to shut up and obey. Others decide over our heads whether we are allowed to travel, what we can still eat, how we can be treated in an emergency. Adults are demeaned, we became kindergarteners.

And it will be a thousand times more serious for us!

The World Health Organization, the WHO, is developing into a supranational monster that not only intends to intervene in our personal lives, but will grip governments worldwide. And our government, which up until now has been willing to pass on a lot of things it was uncomfortable with to “EU judiciary”, is servilely participating in this impending dictatorship. What jobs have these henchmen been promised?

From May 22 to 28, 2022, new WHO regulations will be passed, which alone give the WHO organization the power to intervene directly in democratic states. No longer an RKI or a health minister, but the WHO in New York or Geneva will in future determine that in the event of flu, a state ABC or XXZ will be “closed” at the push of a button. WHO instructions must be followed, airlines, banks and trade flows are also subject to them. A government elected by the people should no longer be allowed to decide on the weal and woe of its own people, but the distant Secretary General of the WHO.

No conspiracy theory, but official document

As unbelievable as all this sounds, it is not a conspiracy theory, but an official document. Jens Spahn is also involved in this greatest political transformation in world history, for whom the role of a dictator seems tailor-made, as he says "that countries that do not fulfill their obligations to the WHO must expect sanctions". He's practiced at that.

The WHO, a paper tiger, but a legal identity, no state, no country of its own, not elected by the people, financed by Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical industry, will in future determine who is to be described as sick, who is treated with which pharmaceuticals and how will be, who is still allowed to travel and who is still allowed to receive which food, genetically manipulated.

And once again the German press turns out to be a whore, which of course knows about all this, but entertains the readership with the banal instead of informing them about historical dangers. Perhaps the situation in Ukraine sad enough as it is, is serving to distract us from this coming WHO dictatorship?"