Posted 19 мая 2022,, 07:52

Published 19 мая 2022,, 07:52

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Head of the Department of Journalism at Moscow State University Ivan Zasursky resigned and left the country

Head of the Department of Journalism at Moscow State University Ivan Zasursky resigned and left the country

19 мая 2022, 07:52
Russian journalist Ivan Zasursky (pictured) after 16 years of work left the post of head of the department of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov and left Russia.

"Dear friends and colleagues! After 16 years, he left the post of head of the Department of New Media and Communication Theory of the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University and left the country”, - he wrote on his Facebook account *.

Zasursky also said that he was concerned about “climate change”. He intends to hold a scientific competition in the United States to develop technologies for reducing and extracting methane and the atmosphere. Zasursky is going to "find like-minded people" on the issue of climate communications.

"No exit procedure. I announced my withdrawal at the end of March, but there is no procedure for leaving the council. When there is a new decree on the composition of the council, I will no longer be on it... I don’t see the point (further work on it)", - the journalist added.

He also pointed out that at HRC meetings with President Vladimir Putin, he tried to present his climate report, but was not allowed to speak. In the HRC, Zasursky de jure is on the board.

He also pointed out that the film "Empire V" based on the book by Viktor Pelevin, where he was a producer, was canceled on the same day that he closed his newspaper "Private Correspondent". Recall that the tape directed by Viktor Ginzburg was not allowed into Russian distribution due to inconsistencies with age restrictions. The authors of the film claim that it can be watched from the age of 16.

"But all my problems started earlier, in 2020, when I prepared and published the first Russian national report on the state of the climate "Green Turn" in a large repository of climate articles that we created together with Web of Science / Clarivate on the site", - he said.

Now he has put up for sale the Vernsky startup, a depository of scientific papers.

It's worth reminding that Ivan Zasursky has been working at the Faculty of Journalism since 2006. He has been actively involved in climate change since 2019.

*owned by Meta, a recognized extremist organization in Russia