Posted 19 мая 2022,, 13:24

Published 19 мая 2022,, 13:24

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The Kremlin did not agree with the opinion of Klishas on the failure of import substitution

The Kremlin did not agree with the opinion of Klishas on the failure of import substitution

19 мая 2022, 13:24
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Putin's press-secretary Dmitry Peskov answered journalists' question about the import substitution program in Russia. The Kremlin spokesman did not agree with the opinion about the complete failure of the program, but noted the presence of unfulfilled plans. A spokesman lamented the "aggressive terms".

Earlier today, Andrei Klishas, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation , said that "the import substitution program has failed completely." In his opinion, the sectoral departments have nothing but "bravura reports". The senator noted that the only area where progress has been made since 2014 has been agriculture, and reports and reports are not needed to see this.

“To say that everything has failed is hardly, probably, one can agree with this. The fact that there are unfulfilled plans - yes, for sure. We do not live and work in ideal conditions, the conditions, on the contrary, are aggressive. But, despite this, hard work is still being done, and this cannot be denied. Although, of course, we cannot rest on our laurels, as they say, because much remains to be done, and done not in the usual, but in an emergency mode, taking into account the conditions in which we exist, ”commented Peskov (quote from RIA News " ).

The Kremlin representative said that work on import substitution is being carried out in the government at all levels. According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin is also participating in the process. In particular, Peskov spoke about the meeting between the head of state and the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, which took place on Wednesday. The head of the corporation reported to the president on the work towards import substitution.

Journalists asked the press secretary if there was a need to restart the program. According to him, in general, there is an understanding that in this regard, the principles and methodology of work should be completely different.

“This will allow us to cope with the tasks that we face in connection with the known situation,” Peskov commented.