Posted 20 мая 2022,, 16:04

Published 20 мая 2022,, 16:04

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In the footsteps of Kashpirovsky: the show of "infogypsy" Blinovskaya again gathered a full stadium

20 мая 2022, 16:04
Mass sessions of "psychotherapy", like thirty years ago, are again in high demand among Russians.

Kashpirovsky, Chumak, Mavrodi - in every generation of Russians, their own "geniuses" are born, or rather, charlatans and swindlers who are endowed by nature with a brilliant ability to fool the fragile brain of their compatriots. In our time, such a genius can be considered "infogypsy" Yelena Blinovskaya.

Her “marathons of wishes”, which are essentially sessions of mass hypnosis, gather huge halls and sports arenas. So it was on May 19: the Moscow VTB stadium (with a minimum seating capacity of 26,000 seats) was full. Blinovskaya spent two hours telling the bewitched audience “about the resource state” and “the power of secret requests to the Universe". The 40-year-old diva descended into the arena on a swing, sang songs, lay on the stage, danced, and then “left” into the waterfall, which suddenly poured from above. The mesmerized audience watched the action with bated breath.

Not for free. Tickets cost from 10 to 30 thousand rubles. But each viewer received socks as a gift...

The information gypsy was promoted by her husband, a former top manager of the RESO insurance group Alexey Blinovsky, who organized an information gypsy network on the Internet, where Yelena promises everyone to fulfill their desire - to get pregnant, get real estate, be cured of cancer. She arranges desire marathons for women, draws up desire cards, organizes magical rituals and other nonsense. The number of her subscribers is approaching 6 million!

This super-successful business brought the spouses millions, so Blinovskaya celebrated her birthday in the company of Kirkorov and Loboda, and her husband, according to journalists, established a huge fish farm in the Vologda region. Blinovskaya pays 300 million rubles in taxes alone, and Ksenia Sobchak herself does not hesitate to interview her.

Journalist Kristina Potupchik believes that Blinovskaya "is not just a harmless aunt retelling a series of books about the" law of attraction". Judging by the interview, she is a pronounced bearer of the "dark triad", who revels in her power over housewives with a weak cortex. She is far from the hysteria of European dictators of the middle of the century, but she is drawn to Bokassa in a cold climate...".

Analyst Andrey Pesotsky believes that the fight against such phenomena is useless:

“Yelena Blinovskaya is now collecting stadiums. People who joined the wildest sects of the early 90s, selling their apartments, are indestructible, as are those who call witchcraft call centers in our time. Now their children will go to squander their money. True, it is now more difficult to sell pseudo-religious "spirituality" to young people, this does not catch young suckers - it is better to sell "success", "fulfillment of desires" without a mystical shell..."

And here is a characteristic response to the "Marathon of Wishes" from one of the millions of admirers of "talents" Yelena Blinovskaya, Yekaterina Kozlova:

How to describe something that cannot be expressed in words? Complicated. Most memorable? Love. Acceptance, admiration and gratitude. And also meditation. Which revealed something in me that no shamanic retreat could yet. But most likely, it's just my time to realize it. We often look at a situation from just one angle. And it is incredibly difficult for us to change it. And therein lies the power and simplicity. I left VTB in socks! The same ones.

I felt good, warm and comfortable. I left united with myself..."

As the heroes of the popular Soviet movie sang: “You don’t need a knife for a fool, you’ll lie to him a lot, and do whatever you want with him...”