Posted 20 мая 2022,, 16:33

Published 20 мая 2022,, 16:33

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There will be no windows in the Apple Car. The company patents a bodywork with a virtual view

There will be no windows in the Apple Car. The company patents a bodywork with a virtual view

20 мая 2022, 16:33
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It is not yet known whether the company will produce its own car or limit itself to a virtual reality system.

Apple has filed a patent for a virtual reality car system, according to the Daily Mail. The technology monitors the movement of the car and shows passengers the corresponding “virtual views”. They will be projected to the place where windows are in a normal car. For example, if the car is going down quickly, the virtual windows will have the effect of riding a rollercoaster.

The seats will be appropriate - able to move around the cabin in accordance with the nature of the visual effects. This will help fight motion sickness, which occurs from a mismatch in the signals of the senses: while in the car, the passengers are motionless, which the muscles tell the brain, but vision says otherwise. Apple's virtual reality system must coordinate motion and image and thereby prevent manifestations of seasickness such as nausea.

Also, according to insiders, the car will be equipped with “mono-cell” battery technology, which can radically increase the driving range without recharging. Collecting the car will most likely be a manufacturing partner.

The Apple Car has been in development for about a decade. When the car will be officially presented is unknown. In 2020, Reuters reported that this was planned for 2024, but it is likely that the pandemic has shifted plans. In November, it was reported that the company had hired Christopher Moore, the former director of software for Tesla Autopilot. This means that Apple intends to develop an unmanned vehicle that can compete with Tesla.