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Published 20 мая 2022,, 09:29

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To the delight of transhumanists and satanists: Network shocked by Madonna's NFT provocation

To the delight of transhumanists and satanists: Network shocked by Madonna's NFT provocation

20 мая 2022, 09:29
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The ugly "values" of the so-called "new ethics" are crawling out of every crack today. The obvious "psychiatry" with a touch of black magic is especially noticeable in the example of the activities of many show business stars, watching which, you want to cross yourself and exclaim: "Get out!".

Maria Dubinskaya

The new most provocative project of Madonna confirms: when it seems that there is simply nowhere to degrade further, that the “bottom” has been reached, they will certainly knock from the bottom, and another abyss will open. Last week, the " queen of debauchery " tried to effectively remind the world about herself, her beloved, and, in particular, about her, excuse me, vagina. Let's make a reservation right away: it is better for pregnant and impressionable people to "move away from the screen".

The 63-year-old performer is not going to retire, she is extremely concerned about how to prove that there is still gunpowder in the flasks, so she actively leads social networks, where she indulges in all serious things on camera, and also comes up with multi-genre projects filled with occult symbolism, projects of varying degrees of immorality and vulgarity.

Together with American graphic designer Mike Winklemann, known under the pseudonym Beeple, Madonna released an outrageous NFT series called Mother of creation ("Mother of creation"). Work on digital shock content lasted a year.

By the way, Winklemann, who cooperates with, for example, the prestigious trading platform for non- fungible OpenSea tokens and the famous auction house Christie’s, is an outright Satanist. To be convinced of this, it is enough to study his work, where he immediately, in the profile header, honestly admits: I post, they say, here - a quote - "art shit for your facial holes".

As they say, the fisherman sees the fisherman from afar: all this is Madonna herself, who has not hidden her hobbies for demonism for a long time, and in her songs she quotes satanic books, of course, to her liking.

But what is NFT? This is an abbreviation of the English term non-fungible token, which means “non-fungible token”.

Essentially, an NFT is a cryptographic certificate that proves that you own a unique object in the digital space. After buying on the exchange, explains, such a certificate allows you to write in the blockchain the right to own any asset (picture, gif, song, animation, movie, post, game character or exclusive weapon from the game, etc.) d.).

“I will produce an urban, scorched, post-apocalyptic masterpiece”, - Madonna said, creating intrigue on the eve of the release of the colorful NFT “Mother of Creation”.

This story, drawn in great detail, consists of three parts - that is, three types of tokens: Mother of Nature (“Mother of Nature”), Mother of Evolution (“Mother of Evolution”), Mother of Technology (“Mother of Technology”).

According to the plot of the commercials, a completely naked, beautiful-bodied digital copy of Madonna (Beeple rejuvenated the singer by 30 years) in sterile laboratory conditions, with the help of artificial intelligence, produces a giant flowering tree; further, in the ruined city, sitting comfortably on a tank, it gives birth to orange butterflies, and then, in the marvelous, apparently "Eden" garden, it gives life to centipede robots.

Bloody, they briskly sort out with their metal paws, hastily crawling out of their mother's reproductive organ ...

Madonna would probably not be herself if she limited herself to just nudity and, so to speak, veiled childbirth, so the video contains a 3D model of the singer’s real vagina - they write that especially for this NFT, her “causal place” was carefully scanned and in nuances fixed. It is clear that we do not post screenshots here.

The audio background for this digital "triptych" is Madonna's poems (Justify My Love) and the lines of the 13th-century Persian mystic poet Jalaladdin Rumi.

In the network, the reaction to the "masterpiece", of course, is very violent. Even the singer’s fans were divided in the comments: some predictably choke with delight (“Genius!”, “Madonna broke the Internet!”, “The best!”) - well, yes, because “firstly, it’s beautiful!”, while others, though acknowledging that the work is masterfully done, claiming that it is "very incomprehensible", "disturbing", "frightening", "disgusting" and "obscene", and note that this seems to be "the aging singer's last attempt at dirty grab attention the public".

They also write that Madonna embodied the sweet dream of transhumanists and Satanists, and some accuse her of misogyny, hatred of women.

More than a dozen articles have already appeared in foreign publications, in which Madonna's NFT madness is called pure pornography, and the performer herself is reproached for trying to hype at any cost. In addition, some users are wondering why fragments of such content were not removed by the social network's vigilant morality police.

"Her vagina is more finely rendered than her face or the rest of her body, which is almost comically distorted", - English-language portal quipped.

“Oh no, because in this way Madonna wants to lure all of us into an artificial metaverse, to Meta, that's the catch here! Come out of your digital closet, dear, around us is a real wonderful world!”, - one of the guessed commentators wrote to Madonna.

The Mother of Creation NFT sale started on the SuperRare platform on May 11th. The auction ended on May 12, the project was sold for ETH 309.1 (approximately $629,400).

All proceeds were directed to three charitable organizations: Voices of Children Foundation, a foundation for women and children in Ukraine; City of Joy, a leadership program for women in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Black Mama's Bail Out, which is dedicated to "rescuing black women and carers from the prison system".

“The Mother of Creation series is a nesting matryoshka of nightmares: it’s a sort of telescoping abyss of something bad that’s contained in something even worse, which in turn opens up to reveal something even worse.

Benefiting mothers and children in need is a laudable aim, especially as basic reproductive rights are under direct assault in the US from within our corrupt political and judicial systems. But after zooming right up in Madonna’s virtual cooter, based on meticulous 3D scan of her actual cooter, only to have a giant tree then grow out of it reeeeeeeallly begs the question of whether the ends in this case justify the means. Or whether Madonna is potentially rich enough to just donate to charity without making literally everyone look at her vagina. Then again, if past is precedent, Madonna likes having people look at and think about her vagina, so I guess good on her, for finding a fresh way to renew interest in the area. Right? Honestly I have so many questions, but I think I can speak for all of us and in summary by simply saying: WHY? WHY? WHYYYYY?", - wrote the portal

Indeed: why is this now becoming possible, what happened to people and the works they create? Everyone will have their own answer.

Of course, a scrupulous description is attached to Mother of creation, revealing in beautiful metaphors the deep philosophical (and how could it be otherwise) intent of the authors. According to Madonna and Mike Winklemann, in this project they wanted to explore the theme - guess what? - "motherhood and the birth of art". The singer predictably tried to explain herself to the audience pompously: “I wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity".

Finally, I would like to quote the opinion of Irina Medvedeva, director of the Russian Public Institute for Demographic Security.

In her speeches, she repeatedly noted a very important thing: today often “gross psychiatric symptoms - precisely those symptoms that belong to real psychiatry, are presented as standards of fashion and behavior.” According to her, from a psychiatric point of view, the absence of "intimate shame" is a well-known symptom of schizophrenia.

In general, how can one not recall Bulgakov's "schizophrenia, as it was said." Only, alas, Madonna will not know about this, and will continue to “create”...