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Published 23 мая 2022,, 12:07

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Minister of Education: the word "God" under the new rules must be capitalized

Minister of Education: the word "God" under the new rules must be capitalized

23 мая 2022, 12:07
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Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov spoke about a new draft of the rules of Russian spelling, which defines the spelling of religious words and terms. So, the word "God" must be written with a capital letter.

“One of the most important tasks facing us is the preservation and development of the Russian language... The rules of Russian spelling and punctuation were adopted in 1956 and did not regulate the rules for writing words related to the religious sphere. The new draft rules of Russian spelling propose the following: the word "God" must be capitalized, just like the names of apostles, prophets, saints", - said Kravtsov (quoted by RIA Novosti).

He made this statement at the opening ceremony of the XXX International Educational Readings.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation published a draft resolution “On the Approval of the Basic Rules of Russian Spelling”, according to the rules of which it is recommended to capitalize the names of three persons of the Deity and higher beings that are the subject of religious veneration in monotheistic religions. Thus, the words God, Lord, Creator, Almighty, Savior, Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, Mother of God, Jehovah, Allah must be capitalized. The same rules apply to the words Heaven, Church, Providence, Providence used in the spiritual sense. The names of pagan deities are also suggested to be written with a capital letter.

The Government Commission on the Russian Language was established by government decree of August 8, 2021. The commission considered and approved the basic rules of Russian spelling.

“Writing the names of God with a small letter was not mandatory and was used for deliberate humiliation in Soviet times”, - said Archpriest Vladimir Vigilyansky, rector of the Church of St. Tatiana at Moscow State University, deputy chairman of the information commission of the Moscow diocese .

In his opinion, fixing the capitalization of the names of God in the rules is a positive step.