Posted 23 мая 2022,, 15:24

Published 23 мая 2022,, 15:24

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New Union: what result will have the active rapprochement of Poland and Ukraine

23 мая 2022, 15:24
Possible economic and political integration of the two states is primarily beneficial to America.

As you know, on May 22, during his visit to Kiev, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that only Ukraine should make decisions about peace with Russia, disagreeing with European calls to partially comply with the Kremlin's demands.

In turn, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky promised that his country would introduce a special legal status for Poles living in Ukraine, although he did not specify the details of this decision: “We are relatives, and there should be no borders or barriers between us. The Ukrainian and Polish peoples mentally do not share borders for a long time. Therefore, we have decided to translate this into an appropriate bilateral agreement in the near future”.

Meanwhile, it is known that two battalions of Polish infantry arrived on the territory of Ukraine, already transferred from Kyiv to the Pavlograd region. Analysts are sure that all this testifies to the strengthening of the vector for Ukrainian-Polish integration. And not without the help of the United States.

So, the expert of the Druid channel writes:

Attempts by Ukraine and Poland to create an analogue of a union state with a common transport infrastructure, customs and border control is part of a strategy in which Washington, with the help of Warsaw, is trying to drag Ukraine into the European Union.

Poland also has its own motives and plans, which assume dominance in Ukraine not only at the level of ideology, but also the economy. The ultimate goal of this policy is to turn Ukraine (or its remnants) into an appendage of Poland, which will work for the realization of the imperial and revanchist ambitions of Warsaw (here with the support of Britain). However, in order for this to happen, real ambitions need to be confirmed at the level of effective measures, and Poland is still facing serious difficulties with this…”

The expert of the channel "The Spy Whom Nobody Writes" is sure that the project of integrating Ukraine into a single state with Poland will most likely lead to a smooth transformation of NATO - the division of the alliance into two parts: the "small Entente" from the countries of Central Europe under the auspices of Poland, and the traditional Euro-Atlantic alliance of Western and Northern European powers:

“The bill on the special legal status of Polish citizens in Ukraine opens the process of Ukraine’s integration into Poland, in fact, marking the beginning of a new Union

This marked the beginning of the implementation of the project of creating a new state, the largest in Europe, with ambitions that directly contradict the national interests of Russia.

The creation of a new state consolidates and cements the conflict with Russia in the near future, closing the possibility of getting out of it in any way. (…)

For Ukraine, this is an imposed choice, which sooner or later will lead to the absorption of Ukrainian statehood, language and culture.

Ukraine for Poland is a donor, in economic, population and territorial terms. The Polish leadership does not hide its goals, actively integrating Ukrainians through the “Polish Card” and a number of other programs…”

The Meister channel expert, noting the increased activity of Poland, believes that America already sees Poland as a kind of alternative to Germany for its European policy:

“Poland made a statement to Norway about the need to share superprofits from oil and gas, to which Norway was forced to respond in the style of “we also suffered, but we are also helping Ukraine.” In general, we are seeing confirmation of the opinion that the weight of a country in international politics and its ambitions there may not correlate with its share in world GDP in any way, and economic determinism is good only for established systems with predictable development parameters.

But the entry of Poland in itself is extremely interesting - and it is obvious that as the economic problems worsen, the demands of the most active countries of Eastern Europe and their desire to dictate the agenda will grow. And Poland itself - also with the full support and general favor of the United States, which clearly sees Warsaw as an alternative to Germany as a "favorite squire" in the event of a clash between NATO and Russia.