Posted 23 мая 2022,, 09:27

Published 23 мая 2022,, 09:27

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The blogger who discovered the expired products in the "Perekrestok" food store was almost accused of extortion

The blogger who discovered the expired products in the "Perekrestok" food store was almost accused of extortion

23 мая 2022, 09:27
The mass sale of expired products at Perekrestok food store was recorded by Dmitry Kasimov, a blogger from Moscow. A cart of chilled meat for a total check of 51,786 rubles was punched at the checkout without hesitation.

At the same time, sellers, packers, and most importantly, the store administration were well aware that they were selling unusable goods, the blogger is sure.

With a claim for a refund for the purchase, he went to court in January. The administration of the trading network refused to return the money voluntarily. Moreover, at first they wanted to “bribe” an inconvenient consumer, and then, knowing that the violation was recorded on camera, they would accuse him of extortion, says Dmitry.

It was on New Year's Eve. 250,000 thousand points for the “We are responsible for quality” campaign, which can be converted into cash, was offered to the buyer by an employee of the distribution network in exchange for silence.

The blogger immediately called the police to the store to record the sale of expired products and an attempted bribery. A cart with kilograms of delay and a punched check were with him.

“I am engaged in social activities, and I was just infuriated that they wanted to buy me like a venal skin”, - says the blogger.

Alexander Burdenyuk, already known to us, a district policeman from the Alekseevsky district of Moscow, came to the call. Earlier, we wrote how a police officer beat a resident of the area he supervises in her own apartment in front of the children for a request to show a search warrant. The district police officer did not have a search warrant, as well as, in fact, the "evader" from the army, whom the district police officer was looking for in the mistress's apartment. A relative by husband had been living abroad for several years. Burdenyuk then did not receive any punishment for exceeding his powers, moreover, the police authorities wrote him a flattering recommendation for participation in the annual contest "People's District Police".

The blogger was also completely dumbfounded by the behavior of the precinct. “He was called for a delay, and he is looking for how to register a person,” Dmitry comments.

In his corporate style, the district policeman refused to show his certificate for a long time, just like a beaten woman, he threatened to put him on the floor, and also “pierce” (?!) With what to pierce, however, he was embarrassed to clarify.

A protocol on the fact of the sale of expired meat was eventually drawn up. To record the event, an additional squad of police officers had to be called in to help, but even with the support of colleagues, Burdenyuk filled out the protocol from the words of the deceived buyer in a raised voice.

"Farther! Farther!" - Burdenyuk shouted irritably, urging the buyer, apparently, to quickly describe the suffering he had experienced.

The blogger turned out to be so unpleasant to the policeman that by the end of the survey, he even figured out what business he could be sewn on.

With a store employee brought under a blogging camera, district police officer Burdenyuk biasedly asks: “Why did you demand money from the senior merchandiser during these actions of yours, how are we going to resolve the issue [they asked], how much will you give? Was there a conversation? “Yes”, - the Perekrestok employee answers timidly.

"I was so amazed by this turn of events, such impudence. You call the police to fix a violation in the store, and they automatically, without thinking, close up in the "roof" of the store, go to the back room to them, actively sort out which article to bring you under. A serious consumer violation is the sale of rotten meat. You see, I worked in trading, and I know all these subtleties. And old people will come, children will come, other inexperienced consumers, they won’t even notice that they slipped rotten meat on them. And this policeman, instead of fighting real evil, comes up with a fictional one", - says Dmitry.

Statements from Perekrestok for extortion, by the way, did not appear. The blogger is sure that he will not appear, he says a clear “No” to the camera and audio recording to the offer of the store employee to “hush up the question” by accruing points.

The lawsuit of Dmitry himself against Perekrestok is already being considered in court.

"They will not find any selfish component, no matter how they threaten with a “counter statement”. From "Perekrestok" I demand only the return of the amount paid - 51.786 rubles for the sold goods of inadequate quality. I also hope that they will pay a rather impressive administrative fine in favor of the state for this violation", - Dmitry is sure.

In March of this year, the Office of Rosportrebnadzor in the North-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow, during a scheduled inspection, revealed at the said intersection on the street. Kibalchich in Moscow violation of the requirements of sanitary legislation and legislation in the field of technical regulation. The store and officials were brought to administrative responsibility with a penalty in the form of a fine.

The final hearing on the blogger's lawsuit against Perekrestok is to be held at the Judicial District of the Justice of the Peace No. 347 in Moscow at the end of May.

According to Dmitry, he eventually regretted Alexander Burdenyuk, the precinct Alekseevsky district of Moscow, and withdrew his application for abuse of office. At a personal meeting, the law enforcement officer spoke heartily about four children and the accompanying hardships.