Posted 23 мая 2022,, 15:34

Published 23 мая 2022,, 15:34

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Video of the day: British rescuers test jetpack

Video of the day: British rescuers test jetpack

23 мая 2022, 15:34
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With the help of such a device, doctors will be able to provide first aid in the most inaccessible places.

Journalist Dmitry Klein publishes an impressive video on his blog about how British rescuers are testing the latest technology: in the mountainous region of the Lake District, a prototype jetpack designed for rescue service doctors is being tested.

The idea is simple: if somewhere in the mountains there was an accident, someone was injured and urgently needed help - until the rescue helicopter is assembled or if it is impossible for it to reach, until the rescue group is assembled and reaches - a medic with a jetpack flies directly, ignoring obstacles on the ground , and therefore there is no price for such a vehicle in the mountains!

According to Andy Mawson, the head of the rescuers, with such equipment, he will be able to defibrillate the victim at a height of 1 km in a maximum of 8 minutes after receiving a signal about cardiac arrest.

Of course, the technology will develop - as will the cost of equipment will decrease. So far, the kit from Gravity Industries costs more than 4 hundred thousand dollars.