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The language does not depend on the authorities. Linguists discussed the reform of the spelling of the word "god"

24 мая 2022, 15:41
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According to the general opinion, the Minister of Education clearly got excited by announcing changes in the rules of spelling.

With obvious bewilderment, domestic bloggers met the statement of the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Kravtsov about changing the rules of Russian spelling. Here is what a well-known journalist, author of the most popular radio program dedicated to the Russian language, writes - “How is it right?”, Marina Korolyova:

“I read the news, which is connected with the word “God / god”. Sensation, shock and awe! Now only with a capital letter! .. The Minister of Education said!

Yes, have mercy (I just want to say - Lord have mercy), where did you get something from.

Here is a quote: "The new draft of the rules of Russian spelling proposes the following: the word "God" must be written with a capital letter, as well as with a capital letter the names of the apostles, prophets, saints", - Kravtsov said at the opening ceremony of the XXX International Educational Readings "(RIA Novosti ).

Everything is exactly as it was: God as an object of religious worship in monotheistic religions is written with a capital letter. Just as in this sense the Lord, the Creator, the Most High, the Savior, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity, the Mother of God, Jehovah, Allah, as well as such words as Heaven, Church, Providence, when they are used in a spiritual sense.

The proper names of pagan deities were also written and written with a capital letter, for example, Mars, Juno, Perun.

And "Oh my god" etc., everyday combinations - as they wrote, they will write with lowercase (in Russian language it's so - editor's note).

Where is the news?! There is none".

Korolyova's readers were unanimous in their comments:

- Well, I looked with glasses, looking for differences between the new norms and those that have been around for 20 years - I didn’t find it, although I tried.

- God bless! We will have to write it with the capital letter! Or, whoever wants with what kind of - if, for example, I don’t specifically mean the Orthodox Almighty, because I don’t know whose and what kind of god helped me.

- The funniest thing: "as well as with a capital letter the names of the apostles, prophets, saints". And what, once the names were written with lowercase?

- In this regard, I remembered a hilarious story: in LiveJournal, some woman wrote about her lover: "He fucks like god!" That was some laughter.