Posted 25 мая 2022,, 09:12

Published 25 мая 2022,, 09:12

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3D-printing has reached cemeteries: a tombstone created by a printer appeared in Moscow

3D-printing has reached cemeteries: a tombstone created by a printer appeared in Moscow

25 мая 2022, 09:12
Фото: Smart PR
The world's first monument printed on a construction 3D-printer was installed at the Vagankovsky cemetery in Moscow.

The world's first tombstone printed on a 3D printer is installed on the grave of the lighting designer of the theater named after Stanislavsky, Arnold Kaye. This concrete monument is a stage with a curtain and special illumination of theatrical spotlights, at night it is illuminated by spotlights powered by solar panels. The dimensions of the monument are: 2 m long, 3 m wide and 1.80 m high, and it weighs 2 tons. The cost of the project was 300 thousand rubles. The production time for the monument was less than a month, but the whole process took about six months, which took all the details of its installation to be agreed with the cemetery management.

“My grandfather, Kaye Arnold Avgustovich, is an honored worker of culture of the Soviet Union, a leading lighting designer who has devoted more than 50 years to the Drama Theater. Stanislavsky. He was friends and worked with Yevgeny Leonov, Mikhail Yanshin, Lilia Gritsenko. This monument conveys his character, courage and creative path”, - says Alexander Zhdanov, the author of the monument.

Building 3D printers are devices that create structural elements of buildings, small architectural forms and entire buildings in layers. In the field of printing with construction printers, our country is one of the world leaders. There are more than 10 printers in Russia that print even at home.

According to Roman Pavlenko, director of the 3D4Art team, which was engaged in the “printing” of this monument, “the monument was made using the technology of printing houses. This is a reliable and verified by professionals way that allows you to translate into reality even the most daring decisions. Such a 3D sculpture is cheaper than its standard counterpart, and much easier to manufacture. On average, printing on a 3D printer costs 10,000 rubles for an artistic element of any complexity. An ordinary tombstone 50 x 100 cm can be made for 20,000 rubles. The production of an object of arbitrary shape will cost the same amount.