Posted 25 мая 2022,, 14:08

Published 25 мая 2022,, 14:08

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Too expensive pleasure: Europe can't afford to accept immigrants from Russia

Too expensive pleasure: Europe can't afford to accept immigrants from Russia

25 мая 2022, 14:08
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Millions of refugees from Ukraine, the growing threat of an influx of refugees from Africa, military spending and energy problems do not encourage the Europeans to facilitate the procedure for receiving Russians as well.

The proposal made at the forum of Russian oppositionists in Vilnius about the need to establish a “good Russian” passport, which would ease the fate of immigrants from Russia, as you know, caused a wave of indignation in social networks. The main argument of those who disagree was this: why are Russian immigrants preferable to everyone else? Popular blogger Vladimir Guriyev, who lives in Berlin, believes that not only is it not preferable, but quite the opposite. And that's why:

“I don’t understand why European countries should fix something in terms of accepting immigrants from Russia. This, of course, would be better, but I see no reason to do this.

Well, true. Several million refugees from Ukraine have now fallen on them. They help them. It's difficult and it's very expensive. And this is for a long time. This is a serious financial burden.

At the same time, the fighting is going on very close. Europe is fucking up (and, I think, the degree of this fucking Russians are greatly underestimated) and increasing military budgets. It is expensive.

In parallel, there is a danger of famine in Africa. And if that happens, another wave of refugees awaits Europe. It's difficult and it's very expensive.

All this is happening against the backdrop of talk about the partial abandonment of oil and gas. It's difficult, and it's very, very expensive.

Well, do not forget that the European dream, when all countries, embracing, live without borders and with a single currency, is also not a free thing. In many ways, it exists because Germany and France (sorry if I forgot anyone) are ready to pay for all this joy.

The least that Europe needs in this situation is a wave of refugees from Russia as well. There is not even a moral dilemma here. In Russia now there is no war, no famine, no repression comparable to Stalin's times.

The usual (not facilitated) methods of immigration have not been canceled. If you have a profession in demand or a permanent source of income, everything is real. But the future usefulness of Russian journalists and copywriters for the European economy is not too obvious. The risk that they end up on the social is unpleasantly greater than zero.

If you are a victim of political persecution and can prove it, you will also be accepted, but for this you need to go through several unpleasant procedures in your homeland.

I write all this without any malice. I'm sorry it's like that. And I'm happy to be wrong. But I really do not see any reason to simplify the entry of immigrants from Russia now, and I see many reasons not to do this.

If you were Germany, what would you do if you have already arrived Ukrainians in your basket, very likely refugees from Africa, war is at hand and the prospect of an economically incredibly cold winter.

And now, on your right hand, are a former journalist and curator of digital exhibitions about the history of Upper Vyatka, and they can no longer live in their own country, and on your left - three people whose house was stupidly bombed.

You have money, if you really look at things, to accept one. Well, you can, of course, get involved, and then we’ll see, but you won’t be able to pick up everyone right..."