Posted 25 мая 2022,, 08:51

Published 25 мая 2022,, 08:51

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“What a whangdoodle!” Shnur sang about the return of "Moskvich" auto

“What a whangdoodle!” Shnur sang about the return of "Moskvich" auto

25 мая 2022, 08:51
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The Leningrad group (headed by Shnur) recorded a new video in which they ridiculed import substitution in the car industry.

The news that the Russian authorities were going to give a worthy response to the departure of the leading brands of the global automotive industry from the country and restore the production of Moskvich car pretty amused the blogosphere: there was no end to jokes and sarcasm. There were even jokes on this topic. As, for example, this one: Gandalf and Frodo are sitting, and the wizard instructively says to the young hobbit:

When one door of opportunity closes, another opens. To which Frodo replies wistfully:

- Even don't speak about this, I also had a "Moskvich"...

But the fattest point in this process was put by Sergey Shnurov (Shnur) and Leningrad, who sang about the “shining” prospects of Moskvich (it was not great at quality even in its' best years) in his new video “What a whangdoodle”. In just one day, this video took the lead on YouTube:

“I’ll weld flashing lights to it, I’ll clean the seams with emery,

Galkin will regret that he left Moscow.

What a whangdoodle,

I have already seen this somewhere, it goes on the road and boils.

Strange as Gorbachev's speeches, from the side it reminded me of an iron.

It looks like it can definitely injure you, people used to go south driving it..."