Posted 26 мая 2022,, 09:18

Published 26 мая 2022,, 09:18

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Sergey Aslanyan: “Now the duty to feed AvtoVAZ is assigned to all Russians”

Sergey Aslanyan: “Now the duty to feed AvtoVAZ is assigned to all Russians”

26 мая 2022, 09:18
Automotive expert Sergey Aslanyan continues to dissect the domestic automotive industry on his YouTube channel.

“Chronicles of our automotive industry... There are a lot of news now! Here, among scalded cockroaches, scatter chaotically in all directions, under the supervision of a flashlight from above, when in Mishustin's hand ... This is a pointing finger, now it is already like Ariadne's alleged thread, makes it possible for us to come to the surface and not get stuck, but on in fact, this is a hoax, because it does not work.

We are failing the automotive industry. That is why there is so much news.

It would seem that she died, absolutely all the factories in our country stopped, but here are some flashes - no, no, we work here, no, we have a wrench here, here we have two spare parts, we, we, we we are leaving… No, we are not leaving, - she died. The automobile industry has died in our country, and that is why, paradoxically, there is a huge amount of news, what is this automobile industry about?

As always, the supplier is AvtoVAZ. AvtoVAZ approved two very important nomenclature positions.

The general director is Maxim Sokolov, this is the same person known to St. Petersburg residents as one of the leaders of investment supervision of foreigners, at the time when he was looking after a bush of automotive production was formed and, it would seem, this is for the good. Maxim Sokolov is the same person who looked after the investment direction, that is, the financial flows, which resulted in the plant in Shushary - starting from Ford, Toyota, Nissan ...

But then Maxim Sokolov nevertheless went down in history as that strangler of truckers who pierced, by all means, the Plato system, and with this Plato he killed a huge number of entrepreneurs, which, from a legal point of view, were allegedly truckers.

Maxim Sokolov is the same Minister of Transport, under whom the Platon system hit the industry, and killed a huge number of people who worked on the road, fed themselves at the wheel, and now they are on the sidelines of life.

And as soon as this news that “the same Maxim Sokolov is returning, he will now lead as the general director of AvtoVAZ” ... Truck drivers remember him, they did not forgive him, and they perfectly appreciate what kind of person he is.

Also, under Maxim Sokolov, we had a solemn commissioning of the M-11 route Moscow - St. Petersburg. This is the same monstrous road that immediately became toll and unsafe, because it is a road without a curb; this is a road with completely deadly unlit sections, especially within the boundaries of Moscow - to Sheremetyevo Airport, the most expensive section, the most ridiculous, the most dangerous, well, with completely wild problems with refueling, with wild problems with recreation areas and with wild problems with complete lack of communication. And just such a route we solemnly started under Maxim Sokolov with unfading nomenclature fame and the ability to sit on the most rocking stools, becoming the general director of AvtoVAZ.

And Denis Manturov, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Minister of Industry and Trade, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AvtoVAZ - bang! - what it is? And this mousetrap has slammed shut, now AvtoVAZ has become a fully state-owned enterprise. That is, he returned to us with you on the neck.

Now the obligation to feed AvtoVAZ is assigned to the taxable population of the country, that is, to all Russians.

So, Russians, let's rally around our entire AvtoVAZ! Before that, we also paid AvtoVAZ, although it was not our company. And now this is our company, and now we owe this company. Because, by all means, the socially oriented enterprise "AvtoVAZ" from now on assumes the obligation to employ and feed 40,000 workers. This is very important so that a hotbed of tension does not arise in our country, because 40,000 workers have families and they must work.

And what will they do? It doesn't matter what they do! The most important thing is that they go to work.”

The entire video of Sergey Aslanyan can be viewed here.