Posted 27 мая 2022,, 18:09

Published 27 мая 2022,, 18:09

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Japanese man who dreamed of turning into a dog bought a collie costume for $16,000

27 мая 2022, 18:09
Now he walks on four legs and makes a video about this.

A resident of Japan, acting in social networks under the name Toko, was able to fulfill his dream of becoming an animal, according to Business Insider. Toko approached a movie and TV costume company to make him a life-size Border Collie costume as realistic as possible. The man paid two million Japanese yen ($15,700) for his order.

Toko posts videos documenting his life as a dog on his YouTube channel, the description of which reads: “I wanted to be an animal, so I became a collie!” On the videos, you can see how Toko moves on four limbs, waving his paw in greeting to the audience and trying to play table tennis with a racket in his teeth. In an interview with the Japanese press, Toko said that he chose the border collie costume because, firstly, he loves animals, and this is his favorite breed of dog, and secondly, collies have long hair, under which it is easier to disguise the human figure.

Zeppet, the company that created the suit, posted the pattern on their website and talked about how they worked on the order, which took 40 days. The skeletal structure of the dog, the designers say, is very different from the human, so it took a lot of time trying to make the costume realistic: “We collected photos taken from different angles, trying to reproduce the beautiful coat of the collie and make the fur flow in the most natural way”.