Posted 1 июня 2022,, 08:05

Published 1 июня 2022,, 08:05

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Training exercises with nuclear missile systems "Yars" started in the Ivanovo region

1 июня 2022, 08:05
According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, exercises of the Teykovskaya division of the Strategic Missile Forces started in the Ivanovo region. In particular, maneuvers will be carried out on the combat patrol routes of autonomous launchers of the Yars strategic complexes.

“In the Ivanovo region, autonomous launchers of the Yars mobile ground-based missile system of the Teikovsky formation of the Strategic Missile Forces are performing intensive maneuvering actions on combat patrol routes as part of the exercises”, - the Russian Defense Ministry commented.

According to the Zvezda TV channel, about a thousand military personnel, as well as more than 100 pieces of equipment, will take part in the exercises. In addition to the Yars nuclear mobile ground missile system, Typhoon-M combat anti-sabotage vehicles and Listva remote demining vehicles are involved. A commandant service is organized on the routes of movement.

“Strategic missilemen are working out the issues of bringing missile systems to field positions, making marches up to 100 km long, dispersing units with a change in field positions, their engineering equipment, organizing camouflage and combat security”, - the defense department added.

The priority tasks of the exercises in the Ministry of Defense included the development of search and detection of conditional sabotage groups during the dark and daylight hours.

“According to the legend of the exercise, conditional saboteurs planted remotely controlled explosive devices on the route of the column. Missilemen neutralized it on the side of the road”, - the Russian Defense Ministry said.