Posted 1 июня 2022,, 21:18

Published 1 июня 2022,, 21:18

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TASS: the security forces suspected Chubais of corruption

TASS: the security forces suspected Chubais of corruption

1 июня 2022, 21:18
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Law enforcement officials in Russia suspected the former head of Rosnano Anatoly Chubais and his entourage of corruption, TASS reports.

According to news agency sources, interrogations of witnesses in this case are now being carried out. We are talking about "the commission of actions of a corrupt nature by the former head of Rosnano Chubais and his entourage."

The security forces are “interrogating possible witnesses and studying the documentation received before the check for signs of a crime”, - the report says.

As Kommersant notes, at the end of May, the security forces began checking information about Chubais's likely secret accounts in European banks.

The investigation against Chubais began after, at the end of March 2022, Anatoly Chubais resigned from the post of special representative of the president, which he had held since December 2020, and went abroad.

Witnesses stated that a man who looked very similar to Chubais was seen in Turkey, Italy and Israel.

Before becoming the special representative of the president, Chubais headed Rosnano for 12 years. On April 21, it became known that Chubais had resigned from the boards of directors of AFK Sistema and its portfolio company JSC Elektrozavod. In April, the current head of Rosnano, Sergei Kulikov, turned to Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov with a request to check the work of the company during the period when it was headed by Chubais.

The media reported that Chubais was not going to return to Russia to testify as a victim in the case of the theft of his property for a large sum. Please note that this case was filed in 2017. Chubais himself acted as the applicant. During the investigation, the amount of damage decreased from 3 billion rubles to 70 million rubles.