Posted 2 июня 2022,, 14:06

Published 2 июня 2022,, 14:06

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To work we need, or how we can avoid the mobilization economy

2 июня 2022, 14:06
Дмитрий Милин
The only way to overcome the shortage of goods is to give everyone the opportunity to work and earn money, and the majority to do creative work.

Dmitry Milin, analyst

This is where the Tikhvin Carriage Works did not come out of idle time and extended it until the end of June. Reason: "downtime extended due to objective difficulties with the supply of critical components for bearings"

And I see here a whole ninth wave of gloating from the side of "dear compatriots" about this, - they say the "king" did not foresee this outcome.

And what about the "king"? Is it he, or what, should he start making bearings? Or was the "king" supposed to give the royal order to make bearings, and the FSO employees had to make them? WHO was supposed to make the bearings?

"Tsar" does not care about the lack of wagons! Officials are interested in this, only at the moment of allocating money that needs to be “cut” and “mastered” in a selfish way! And they don't care about the lack of wagons either!

The wagons will come back to you personally when the goods you need do not arrive. The absence of nails will come around when building a house or a bath. The lack of buttons will come around when repairing or buying new clothes.

If you don't do something personally, NO ONE will. There are NO OTHER magical people who will solve your problems with goods that disappeared due to sanctions for you.

Or one of you will be engaged in their production or these goods will not be. This is called "commodity famine", which has already happened in our country due to the Leninist War Communism during the Civil War. By the way, we must pay tribute to Lenin that he did not persist in his ideas of communism, but launched the NEP policy with the slogan "Get rich".

Actually, this is the only way to overcome the shortage of goods now: to give everyone the opportunity to work and earn money, and the majority to engage in creative work.

No mobilization economy will eliminate the “commodity deficit” in thousands of positions, moreover, in a mobilization economy you will not mobilize OTHER people, it will mobilize YOU!

Actually the choice is yours. Sanctions will not be canceled for decades, or you will personally start working of your own free will, or you will be forced to work by other unkind people with revolvers in their hands.