Posted 2 июня 2022,, 14:47

Published 2 июня 2022,, 14:47

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Why do ordinary people think difficult people are idiots?

2 июня 2022, 14:47
Вадим Ольшевский
Complex people are not able to solve the problems described by their complex models, and therefore they live in constant fluctuations that seem stupid to ordinary people.

Vadim Olshevsky, mathematician (USA)

The simpler a person, the more stupid people he is surrounded by. When I began to communicate closely and personally with the Chinese, in particular, with Chinese girls, I was surprised that all or almost all of them said about themselves that they were simple.

“I am a very simple girl”, - my new acquaintance told me. - For me, the main thing is to eat tasty food, earn more money. And everything else worries me, of course, but much less. I am just like everyone else! I am simple!"

I caught myself thinking that in Russian culture, unlike Chinese, it is not so prestigious to be simple. On the contrary, Russians, especially girls, usually tell each other how difficult they are. Nobody wants to be like everyone else. We all show off a little, even to ourselves. There are no ordinary girls in Russia!

I suggested that in Chinese culture, when a person says that he is simple, he (without realizing it) communicates his loyalty to the authorities. I am a simple person, the main thing for me is material well-being, and I don’t get involved in such complex matters as politics. The main thing for me is to eat delicious food, and I don’t even think of criticizing the government.

Governments around the world always love the common people, they are easier to manage.

By the way, unlike the opinions widespread in Russia, the Chinese are not a trustworthy people at all, and if the government steps on the well-being, steps on the interests of ordinary people, then the Chinese will easily start to rebel. If the Chinese are banned from watching Western films, they will grumble and calm down. But if prices double, then there will be a popular uprising.

You know, I personally, although I show off in Russian with all sorts of coffee machines, I am a very simple person. Simple as two pennies! All my friends understand this well.

But what's interesting? People who know me less see me as very complex. So they say

- Oh, and you are a difficult person!

It surprises me and even offends me a little. Somehow, in their mouths, this word “difficult” sounds with some kind of negative connotation. Like, you are, damn it, difficult, and it is difficult with you. Be more simple! And people will be attracted to you.

Why would I want people to gravitate towards me? I don't need this at all. People! Don't reach out to me! Go through the forest!

Everything I have written above concerns some psychological superficial observations, and now I would like to add a little scientific analysis to this brew, mix it up, and cover it with a lid.

I would like to understand, what is a “simple person” and a “complex person”? I would like to give definitions.

Each of us comes into this world as a scientist, a researcher. We are born and immediately begin to study the world around us. Now, how do scientists study the world? They build mathematical models. It is impossible to understand the world as a whole, so some set of parameters is selected, and we come up with formulas for these parameters. Say, how to describe the flight of an artillery shell? Parameters, gravity of the earth, coordinates, speed and acceleration are entered. And with their help, we can calculate the trajectory in advance. Now, in practice, the projectile does not fly along this calculated trajectory. He flies differently. And why? Because our model is simple. Few options. For example, there is no such parameter as air resistance. Or the changing wind. What are scientists doing? In such cases, they complicate the model. Some additional Lorentz coefficients are introduced, etc.

Now an important point. It would seem, come on, complicate your model! Enter additional parameters! And you will describe the real world much more accurately! But it was not there. If you complicate the model, then you can end up with complex formulas that modern mathematics or computer science cannot solve. And you will be left with your good complex model, which will be practically useless.

Now the main thing. What is the difference between ordinary people and complex people? The complexity of their models by which they live. For ordinary people, life revolves around a couple of parameters (salary and all that), there are simple formulas, everything is calculated at the moment. Therefore, it is very easy for ordinary people to live. You always know what's best for you!

Complex people have more options. And their optimization is therefore multi-criteria. You increase parameter A, good! But at the same time parameter B decreases, bad! Complex people are unable to solve the problems described by their complex models. Therefore, complex people live in constant fluctuations. They don't know what they want!

Finally, complex things seem like idiots to ordinary people. They do not understand the essence of life! Yet so simple! And they calve, rush about, hesitate. They always make things difficult! Yes, live like everyone else! Keep it simple and people will come to you!