Posted 3 июня 2022,, 17:41

Published 3 июня 2022,, 17:41

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So that the appetite is not spoiled: in Sevastopol, the beach next to expensive restaurants will be closed

So that the appetite is not spoiled: in Sevastopol, the beach next to expensive restaurants will be closed

3 июня 2022, 17:41
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City officials do not hesitate to explain their decision by taking care of the customers of expensive restaurants, who find it unpleasant to look at citizens in swimming trunks and bathing suits.

Ivan Zubov

Another scandal is flaring up in Crimea, which once again confirms the correctness of journalist Alexander Gorny, who complained about the total lack of positive news from the peninsula. In Sevastopol, on the Khrustalny city beach, innovations are planned that the townspeople have already strongly disliked: they are going to block access to the general public so that they do not embarrass the customers of expensive restaurants located on the embankment with their appearance. True, the beach "Crystal" in the literal sense of the word is not, since the coast is concreted there, however, during the swimming season there are always a lot of people there.

Here is what Yevgeny Gorlov, director of the Sevastopol City Department, said live on ForPost:

“There are procedures at the moment, they are still ongoing. Including we are going to the beach area, where complex development is underway, we will delimit the beach area, we will still turn it into a segment of such a different format, it is still the center. (…) I want to go there, to the central part. Good restaurant. Accordingly, to have a certain area for swimming, so that the person who sits and eats in the center does not pay attention to people in bathing suits. Well, you understand, if a person with low social responsibility will be there ... Some do not look quite presentable. Not everyone is athletic".

"A beach for the elite?" - the host asks the official again. “Including,” Gorlov replies.

The journalist Viktor Yadukha comments on the situation in his blog:

“Quote: “So that the person who sits eating in the center does not pay attention to people in bathing suits. Some of them don't look very presentable. Not everyone is athletic".

This is a very important caveat: they voted - and what the hell from the beach, out of the eyes of the gentlemen. After all, this is why, first of all, after 2014, citizens were forbidden to swim on the beach of Chersonese. Therefore, now the entire main bay has been deleted from the list of city beaches. Another quote: “Lubimovka is a beach. There is a beach on Uchkuevka.

That is, bring down to the other side by boat and bus, or go around the bay by car for 15 kilometers. And here - again a quote: "we will still do a segment of a different format, this is still a center".

This is what has been happening in recent years throughout Crimea. Commoners who did not come out with a snout and a wallet are driven from the sea along the entire southern coast, driven in Sudak. And no references to Nice, where they bathe in the very center, do not work..."

The author also reminds of the story that took place before the annexation of Crimea, when the construction of a dacha for the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych was started on the peninsula:

“When Yanukovych began to build a dacha on Cape Aya, the rangers began to drive vacationers on the Lost World beach. But now, when this dacha is being rebuilt for Kovalchuk or Matvienko, everything is closed there within a radius of a kilometer - a recreation center, a pioneer camp. So there is no comparison...

It is also curious that before that another beach was closed in Sevastopol - Ushakova Balka, allegedly for sanitary reasons, but later the city governor Mikhail Razvozhaev explained that this measure was connected with a special operation in Ukraine.