Posted 7 июня 2022,, 12:45

Published 7 июня 2022,, 12:45

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Vaccination experiment: why Gamaleya Research Center will vaccinate children with antibodies

Vaccination experiment: why Gamaleya Research Center will vaccinate children with antibodies

7 июня 2022, 12:45
On June 9, vaccination against covid for children aged 6-11 will begin as part of clinical trials. This was announced by Gintsburg, the director of the Research Center named after Gamaleya.

Children with antibodies will be vaccinated. There was also information that the covid vaccination could be included in the compulsory calendar. What kind of tests is the Gamaleya Research Center preparing for our children?

Irina Mishina

At first, I wanted to write a long analytical text about the benefits and harms of vaccination in an era of lifting restrictions and a sharp drop in the incidence of Covid-19. But when I delved into information about the current vaccine trials in children, I stopped. From this information breathed the destruction of reality.

In Moscow, they did not find children without antibodies

“Volunteer children will go to the hospital for clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccine with their parents for three days, June 6-7, which means that the vaccine is planned to be administered on June 9-10”, - Alexander Gintsburg, director of the Gamaleya National Research Center, quotes TASS.

And before that, Alexander Gintsburg said that the Gamaleya Center would have to change the protocol for clinical trials of the Sputnik M coronavirus vaccine in children. According to him, in Moscow they could not find children in the age group of 6-11 years who would not have antibodies to COVID-19. It turned out that there are no more children without antibodies in Moscow at all: “There are simply no children who are negative for antibodies to COVID-19 in this age group... It is impossible to find those who have not encountered coronavirus. There were ideas to look for them somewhere far away from Moscow, from big cities, but, you know, organizationally it is simply unrealistic”, - said Alexander Gunzburg.

As we understand it, the Gamaleans plan to amend the research protocol and study the effect of the vaccine on children who already have antibodies, that is, their own, acquired immunity to infection. The lower bound for antibodies will be set at a minimum of 100 international BAUs (Binding Antibody Units). “This is a low figure, but nonetheless”, - said the mysterious phrase “vaccine dad”.

I have a question right now. If virtually all children have antibodies to the coronavirus, why should they get vaccinated? After all, antibodies are a protective barrier. In addition, if you believe the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin (and it’s impossible not to believe him, because he knows the situation with covid in the city best of all), Covid-19 in a single capital of Russia is practically defeated, the increase in the number of diseases is negligible - so much so that everyone covid restrictions have been lifted and even a “covid amnesty” has begun. So why get vaccinated now?

Moreover, trials of the new Sputnik M vaccine on children and adolescents were already carried out in 2021. Let's remember. First, the NIC them. Gamalei reported that Russia has registered a vaccine for children from 12 to 17 years old - "Sputnik M". “Currently, the third phase of clinical trials is underway, about four hundred adolescents have received the first component. Tests are taking place in the Children's City Hospital. Bashlyaeva and in the children's Morozov hospital”, - the news agencies reported.

Secret data. What is it for?

So, what is next? Where are the results of this very third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine in children and adolescents? Not to mention the first and second ... And why vaccinate children with antibodies? After all, the purpose of vaccination is antibodies.

We called the Children hospital named after Bashlyaeva to get answers to obvious questions. In the waiting room of the chief physician, doctor of medical sciences, professor Ismail Magomedovich Osmanov, they could not answer these questions and switched to two of his deputies. But they didn't know either. As well as the chief medical officer of the hospital. On his advice, we sent a corresponding request to the Moscow Department of Health, but there we were advised to look for the truth and the N.I. Gamaleya and the Ministry of Health. Which, as you know, have absolutely nothing to do with Moscow city hospitals... A vicious circle has turned out.

In general, the results of clinical trials of vaccines - both for adults and for children - in Russia for some reason are a mystery behind seven seals. They are nowhere. Not in the public domain, not anywhere else. Why this became a kind of state secret is not clear. But in all countries, information on clinical trials of vaccines is quite accessible and constantly updated. Moreover, all those vaccinated in the United States, for example, must enter their testimony about their health and "side effects" into a special database. But we seem to have our own way.

We decided to look for information in the public domain. Nothing good, as you guessed right, we did not find. Here are just a few lines from the discussion of testing a new covid vaccine on children with antibodies. We have chosen the most tolerant.

Loud Speaker: “Medical experimentation on children is a tradition. Even academician Ivan Pavlov set up experiments on homeless children, like on dogs. There is a version that Bulgakov wrote his professor Preobrazhensky from him.

Vadim Nesterovsky: “The scientific price of those tests will be zero without a wand. Both international and commercial. Let me remind you that none of the Russian vaccines has been recognized in the West. Despite the fact that one of them was indeed declared the first in the world.

The only specialist who agreed to give an explanation about the trials of the new vaccine on children was the well- known Russian virologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Anatoly Alshtein.

This test cannot turn into any negative consequences. The presence of antibodies is not an obstacle to vaccination. But it is not clear which strain the vaccine is against - against the Wuhan strain, which has actually gone away, or against Omicron. But the incidence of this strain is also gradually decreasing. Now, judging by the statistics, we are talking about 400-500 thousand cases per day in the world. It is impossible to completely discard the risk of infection, although the mortality rate is low. In general, vaccination against the Omicron strain is now advisable ,” says Professor Anatoly Alshtein.

Against which particular strain children will be experimentally vaccinated, we have not been able to find out. Apparently, this is some kind of state secret. In the reception room of the director of the NRC. Mr. Gintsburg's Gamalei told us that permission to communicate with journalists must be obtained from the Ministry of Health. And the experimental vaccination of adolescents is generally a “closed topic”.

"Sputnik" of billions

A natural question arises: why such secrecy of vaccine trials on children? And how, with such a level of secrecy, to select volunteers? “Perhaps, there would have been some detachment of youth soldiers or cadets of younger age, sent by the leadership of the country three years ago to the Himalayas in search of Shambhala in order to hoist our flag over it. And the covid hurricane happily swept over them”, - Yandex Zen users ironically.

Recall that the purpose of these tests is to decide whether the children's "Sputnik" should be included in the mandatory vaccination protocol for children and adolescents. And these are mass vaccinations. I personally have no doubts that the vaccine will be approved regardless of the results (which will naturally be classified). To do this, it is enough to calculate the profit from government orders for Sputnik.

It is hard to believe that while budgeting 189 billion rubles for the vaccination of Russians, the government did not calculate who these funds would go to . In this regard, a study by the consulting company Knight Frank is interesting, which claims that by 2025 there will be almost 30% more billionaires with a fortune of over $30 million in Russia.

As for the fact that most children already have their own antibodies, that is, immunity to covid, this information is apparently useless for the vaccine business from a financial point of view.