Posted 8 июня 2022,, 06:23

Published 8 июня 2022,, 06:23

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The share of premium cars in sales has fallen by 89%

The share of premium cars in sales has fallen by 89%

8 июня 2022, 06:23
In May, the premium segment of the automotive market almost halved, with only 5.3% of sales accounted for by such cars. In total, 1,500 premium cars were sold in the country last month, which is 89% less than last year, and 45% less than in April this year.

According to Kommersant, referring to the calculations of Avtostat, almost the entire segment consists of foreign-made cars - brands that have already stopped supplying their models to the country. Last year, the share of German BMWs in the Russian market accounted for 2.8% , 46,880 cars, excluding Mini. Mercedes-Benz - 2.6% (43,000 cars). For comparison, the share of mass Volkswagen was 3.3% .

From the beginning of this year to March, the German concern BMW reduced sales by 23% , to 8400 cars (market share - 3% ), Mercedes-Benz - by 39% , to 6900 ( 2.5% share). Other brands accounted for less sales, mainly European Audi, Porsche, Volvo and others, Japanese Lexus and Cadillac and Chevrolet from the USA.

Recall that initially imports were suspended due to problems with logistics. And in March, the United States, where the BMW X series and Mercedes GL are produced, as well as Cadillac and Chevrolet, banned deliveries to the Russian Federation. European restrictive measures against Russia affected the supply of cars more expensive than 50 thousand euros, Japan also banned the supply of cars to Russia more expensive than 6 million yen - $53,500 and $45,100, respectively.

At the same time, 4,627 new passenger cars of Chinese brands were sold on the Russian market in May - 16.9% of all cars sold during the month. At the same time, in May last year, the share of Chinese cars accounted for only 6.9% , now the share of these cars has increased by 2.5 times.

Meanwhile, the car market was predicted to fall at the level of 74% . Thus, the sales volumes of market leaders - Lada, Hyundai and Kia - will decrease by an average of 72-74% , but AvtoVAZ will sell the most cars, as before. The total sales of Chinese brands will be reduced by no more than 40% . This will allow them to eventually capture 15% of the market.