Posted 9 июня 2022, 08:39

Published 9 июня 2022, 08:39

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The Ministry of Education and Science will introduce liability for academic failure for targeted students

9 июня 2022, 08:39
The Ministry of Education and Science has developed amendments to the regulation on the target recruitment for universities and colleges, according to which the document will include performance criteria that will be set by the customers of training, as well as sanctions for non-compliance with these criteria.

According to Vedomosti, referring to the draft government decree, at present the provision does not provide for the responsibility of the target student to the employer.

This year, the Russian government has allocated 588 thousand state-funded places in universities, the quota for targeted education was 10-30% for bachelor's programs and 5-20% for master's programs.

The norms developed by the department will come into force on September 1 this year. Thus, the employer and customer of training will have the right to choose disciplines, modules and practices for their future employee, according to which they will also formulate performance criteria. He will be able to make a decision on non-fulfillment of the requirements of the agreement of the parties based on the results of two intermediate certifications. If a student does not meet the criteria, he may be reduced scholarship, payment for hostel or rental housing, additional educational programs. But it will not be possible to immediately break the contract - the customer will have to provide the student with measures to help him improve his academic performance.

Recall that on March 1, the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia came into force with new rules for admitting students to universities, which will be valid until September 1, 2027. In 2022, the results of the USE 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 will be valid. Some universities may require a medical certificate 086 / y. You will also need documents that confirm the benefits upon admission, if any.