Posted 10 июня 2022,, 18:23

Published 10 июня 2022,, 18:23

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Autoexpert - on sanctions: a shortage of additives from the United States leads to engine breakdowns

Autoexpert - on sanctions: a shortage of additives from the United States leads to engine breakdowns

10 июня 2022, 18:23
Ilya Sviridov, the author of the YouTube channel "Club Service", dedicated to automotive topics, explained why this year the cars of Russians can "die".

“This year, this topic can touch each of us. I will tell you why in this blessed year the engine of your car can lie down.

An example is a machine that is ideal for this. Of course it's a Subaru.

To carry out maintenance, engine oil must be poured into the car.

And here we already have one small problem with you.

If the motors are different, then the oils must be different too, and they must have different parameters. There must be different additives.

Our technical center, gentlemen, has been working with the Mobil line for many years, and there were no problems.

But then sanctions against Russia happened and Mobil froze supplies. And she announced to all of us, her clients, who for many years supported the company with our Russian rubles, that they were leaving our market.

And there were slight problems with their products, because Mobil will resell the rest of its products until June 30, 2022.

And after that, official deliveries, remember this expression, will be curtailed.

And you will tell me, Ilyukha, what is the problem, we, in Russia, have the production of our own oils. And you will be right, in Russia there are indeed Lukoil and Sintec companies.

But the problem is, my friends, that, as you can see, the barrel of Lukoil is empty (shows the barrel - noted by "NI"). And I had a problem - I can’t buy another one to wear such a barrel.

So what is the problem. By itself, motor oil, its basis, is not very difficult to manufacture. Indeed, Lukoil can produce it.

But in order for the oil to become suitable for the engine of Lekhina Subaru or my Dodge, it must have additives that provide a whole bunch of parameters. They stabilize it, do not allow the oil film to break in the heat or in the cold, which dissolve the wear products in themselves, take it away in a timely manner, and make sure that the engine of your car travels the estimated number of kilometers.

So, in order to appreciate all the pain that is happening now with domestic oils, you just need to read this inscription on the Sintec canister - a 100% package of imported additives.

Additives in our, domestic, oils are imported.

By and large, they are made by three American plants, which, as you already understood, no longer supply these additives to Russia.

Actually, this nice intimate detail does not allow me to buy a new barrel of Lukoil instead of this empty one.

What will this Sintec turn into without imported additives? Well, it will be conditionally suitable for Vitara, which is thirty years old, because in those years there were no such additive complexes.

And from the point of view of application in modern cars, it has a place only in the dumpster, because without additives it is just an oil base.

What happens to modern high-tech engines that you fill with the wrong oils? Problems begin with them, breaks in the oil film occur and the entire lubrication system suffers.

This is especially evident in the crankshaft and its liners. In order for your motor to live and rustle, it is necessary that not just anything circulate through these lubrication channels, but what the manufacturer intended".

The entire video can be viewed here.