Posted 10 июня 2022,, 09:58

Published 10 июня 2022,, 09:58

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The first automobile bridge between Russia and China was opened in the Amur Region

The first automobile bridge between Russia and China was opened in the Amur Region

10 июня 2022, 09:58
Freight traffic on the international road bridge across the Amur River was opened today, June 10, in the Amur Region. The cross-border crossing was put into operation two years ago, but remained closed due to the pandemic. Now the first trucks have passed through it.

Eight Russian liquefied natural gas tractors loaded with Amur soybean oil and timber left Blagoveshchensk for China's Heihe. Car tires and components for electrical equipment were delivered from China. From June 11, the bridge goes into daily operation.

The presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District, Yuri Trutnev, stressed that the bridge was built without attracting budgetary funds. According to the head of the Ministry of Transport Vitaly Savelyev, the launch of traffic on the bridge will increase the volume of cargo turnover between the two countries up to 1 million tons of cargo annually.

For now, the bridge will be open only for cargo transportation, and with the improvement of the covid situation in China, passenger transportation will also be launched.

- We consider it expedient to build two more railway bridge crossings and today we are carrying out this work with the People's Republic of China, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and Russian Railways. These are Jalinda-Mohe and Blagoveshchensk-Heihe bridges. This is a rather distant prospect, it is necessary to calculate a lot of components. First of all, it is necessary to start from traffic, to see how the cross-border bridge in the Jewish Autonomous Region will be loaded, how it will cope with the growing load of cargo turnover between our countries, - said Vasily Orlov, Governor of the Amur Region, at the opening ceremony.

Recall that in April of this year, the construction of the Russian part of the first cross-border railway bridge across the Amur River between Russia and China was completed in the Jewish Autonomous Region. The main investor was the Russian-Chinese Investment Fund established by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and its Chinese partners. China finished building its part in 2018. Last year, the laying of rails on the first railway bridge between China and the Russian Federation was completed. On August 17, the canvases were closed.