Posted 13 июня 2022,, 10:42

Published 13 июня 2022,, 10:42

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Group "Zemlyane" got into an accident after a concert in Kherson

Group "Zemlyane" got into an accident after a concert in Kherson

13 июня 2022, 10:42
The bus, in which the musicians of the "Zemlyane" group ("Earthlings") were, got into an accident on the way from Kherson, where the band performed with a concert.

According to the publication "Podyem", the accident occurred at night. Bus passengers believe that the bus driver fell asleep at the wheel, after which the car flew onto the highway towards the truck.

“Most likely, either our driver fell asleep or lost control”, - the publication quotes the words of the soloist of “Zemlyane” Andrey Khramov.

The musician explained that during the accident, the bus, which was about 20 people, “literally flew over the road”, and then quickly crossed the road and almost crashed into a concrete pillar, stopping a meter away from it.

At that time, other cars were moving along the highway at high speed.

“Thank God, the truck - well done driver - slowed down. It would be very sad, because he flew right into the middle of the bus”, - said the musician.

Luckily, no one was hurt during the accident. Singer Roman Arkhipov and singer Elena Sever, a group from St. Petersburg, were on the bus with the Zemlyane.

“Thank God, everyone is safe. But they survived the shock”, - the musicians explained.

After the incident, passengers continued on their way to the airport in the same bus driven by the same driver.

"Zemlyane" is a Soviet and Russian rock band, created since 1969, one of the most notable bands of the VIA period in Soviet music, which brought elements of rock music to the Soviet stage. The songs “Red Horse”, “Karate”, “Stuntmen”, “Forgive, Earth”, “Believe in a Dream”, “Little Boat”, “Grass by the House”, “Runway”, “Way Home” won the love of the public , "Soldier's Mother" and others.

The current line-up of the group includes Vladimir Kiselyov (drums), Igor Romanov (guitar), Andrey Khramov (vocals, guitar), Andrey Dubrovin (keyboards), Igor Nelin (guitar).