Posted 16 июня 2022,, 14:21

Published 16 июня 2022,, 14:21

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Bloggers appreciated Siluanov's proposal to transfer officials to Lada

Bloggers appreciated Siluanov's proposal to transfer officials to Lada

16 июня 2022, 14:21
Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, in his speech at the SPIEF, suggested artificially increasing the demand for domestic cars.

The scandalous statement was made within the framework of the St. Petersburg Forum by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. Thinking aloud about how to make the domestic auto industry sustainable and promising, he suggested: “The state should take the risks of the business of selling goods and ensure demand. For example, you can transfer officials to Lada".

These words instantly scattered throughout the blogosphere, and one of the first to respond to them in his channel was Senator of the Federation Council Andrei Klishas, in turn, making a counterproposal to Siluanov:

- We are waiting for Siluanov to the Federation Council on the Lada!

One of the journalists, commenting on Siluanov's statement, notes:

- The minister realized that the new death capsules from AvtoVAZ without ABS and pillows would not be to the taste of the consumer. The crisis at the enterprise will provoke a stop of lines and, perhaps, closure. And the power cannot afford such a great reputational failure. Therefore, the plant must be pulled out of the f * py by any means: for example, by transferring officials to Lada. "Lada" - what you need!

Of course, the networks remembered exactly the same initiative of the late Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in the 1990s, Boris Nemtsov. Then he, trying to draw the attention of the state to the problems of the domestic auto industry and save it, offered to transfer the officials to the Volga. On April 1, 1997, Russian President Boris Yeltsin even issued a corresponding order "On the issues of providing motor vehicles to federal authorities." The document provided for the transfer of civil servants of the Russian Federation to domestically produced cars "in order to save federal budget funds and support domestic producers." But "Volga" and "Lada" in the garages of civil servants did not take root. Yeltsin, although he signed the decree, refused to immediately transfer to the ZIL. This, according to Nemtsov himself, was one of the reasons why the idea failed. The automobile epic ended two years later, in April 1999, when Yeltsin canceled his order.

Network analyst Anatoly Nesmiyan writes about this:

- It's a question of prestige. Smerdy and cattle should immediately understand that in front of you is not just anyone, but a servant of the people. Hence the ineradicable craving for special signals, thieves' numbers and other jewelry. The question is not even in convenience, but in standing out from the crowd. You can, of course, propose a program to create a domestic member ship based on Aurus. For ministers and above - authentic. For officials worse - and a simpler version. And for various little things - some kind of Aurus-mini and micro. But in any case, under no circumstances should it be some kind of Lada. Albeit in a mega-configuration.

Political scientist Konstantin Kalachev is also sure of the futility of this undertaking:

- I think, however, Siluanov's idea will die already at SPIEF. The nationalization of the elites will not survive such sacrifices. And for some reason, the minister himself did not start with himself.

Channel expert Malyuta Skuratov explains:

- Siluanov's idea has prospects, taking into account the narrowed circle of alternatives. However, even a heavily used Opel, not to mention Mercedes as a vehicle, is much more reliable than the products of the domestic auto industry. Officials on a brand new "Lada" without airbags - this will certainly be a fun attraction. The cost of maintaining the fleet due to frequent needs for repairs will clearly increase.