Posted 16 июня 2022,, 14:13

Published 16 июня 2022,, 14:13

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The arrested yacht of the Russian oligarch Kerimov will be driven from Fiji to the USA

The arrested yacht of the Russian oligarch Kerimov will be driven from Fiji to the USA

16 июня 2022, 14:13
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After the Fiji authorities handed over the yacht to the Americans, they changed the crew on it and sent it to Hawaii.

US authorities are sending the arrested yacht of billionaire Suleiman Kerimov to Hawaii. The $325 million vessel Amadea now sails under the American flag and with a new crew, according to Bloomberg.

The yacht will have to travel 3,100 miles from the island nation of Fiji, where she was arrested in early May, to the US Hawaiian Islands. The Marine Traffic service does not show the current location of the vessel and the planned point of arrival.

The most likely destination for the vessel is the port of Honolulu, Ian Ralby, chief executive of maritime and security consulting firm IR Consilium, suggests. There, according to the expert, the yacht can be left until it is decided what procedure will be applied to it.

It is known that at the end of May, the Fiji court recognized the evidence provided by the United States as sufficient, indicating that the yacht belongs to Kerimov, and on June 7 the court handed it over to the American authorities., recalls the Agency channel. The company Millemarin Investments, which owns the yacht, during the court session tried to refute that Kerimov is the real owner of the vessel. Her lawyers insisted that the ship belonged to another Russian billionaire, Eduard Khudainatov, who also owns the Scheherazade yacht. The American Forbes estimates Khudainatov's fortune at two billion dollars.