Posted 17 июня 2022,, 07:24

Published 17 июня 2022,, 07:24

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Dmitry Peskov called the food crisis the result of the mistakes of the West

Dmitry Peskov called the food crisis the result of the mistakes of the West

17 июня 2022, 07:24
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Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov believes that the situation with food security, the supply of grain and fertilizers is the result of the mistakes of Western countries, and it is absolutely wrong to assume that this could be some kind of “answer” from Moscow.

"This is not Russia 's answer, these are the results of mistakes made by Western countries. What happened to food? Food prices are rising both because of inflation and because of the mistakes that have been made over the past few years", - the Kremlin spokesman said.

Earlier, the UN has repeatedly spoken about the threat of a food crisis against the backdrop of a grain shortage, Western countries accuse Russia of allegedly opposing the supply of Ukrainian grain to world markets. However, the Ukrainian government creates many obstacles to the export of grain, including arson in the port of Mariupol, mining of the Black Sea.

Note that Berlin was going to take out about 10 million tons of grain to Ukraine by rail. Michael Theurer, Commissioner of the German Government for Railway Transportation, said that Germany will assist Ukraine with the accelerated export of grain to the EU. In the EU, 7 million tons of wheat, 14 million tons of corn grain, 3 million tons of sunflower oil and 3 million tons of sunflower cake were not received due to grain blocked in Ukrainian mined ports. Against the backdrop of severe supply shortages, politicians around the world began to talk about skyrocketing food prices and predict the onset of a famine that could affect over 300 million people. The poorest countries will suffer the most.