Posted 21 июня 2022, 17:33

Published 21 июня 2022, 17:33

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Couldn't survive the pandemic: Hong Kong's most famous restaurant sank

21 июня 2022, 17:33
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Landmark of Hong Kong, the legendary floating restaurant Jumbo Kingdom capsized and sank in the South China Sea

This sad news is reported by the Air Force. The Hong Kong restaurant Jumbo Kingdom has served more than 30 million visitors in its 46 years of operation, including Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, rock star David Bowie, movie star Tom Cruise and many others... He also "starred" in films about James Bond and in the work of Jackie Chan.

The floating restaurant was closed in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, as it became too expensive for the new realities. But even after the ambassador stopped his work, he continued to incur losses due to the high cost of service, and therefore they decided to move him to another place with cheaper service. Alas, in the process of towing, he rolled over and sank. Moreover, in a place whose depth is more than a kilometer, and this makes it almost impossible to save him. Fortunately, none of the crew members were injured, the owners said.