Posted 22 июня 2022, 06:30

Published 22 июня 2022, 06:30

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Media: IKEA terminates lease agreements in the shopping center ahead of schedule

22 июня 2022, 06:30
The Swedish chain of stores IKEA has sent notices to landlords about plans to early terminate lease agreements in shopping centers where its stores are located.

According to Vedomosti, "almost all" shopping centers that housed IKEA supermarkets received notifications.

“We are talking about early termination unilaterally, which threatens IKEA with fines”, - Kommersant notes.

In Moscow alone, the IKEA chain has stores in 10 shopping centers. There are 26 such stores across the country.

Information about the closure of the IKEA network in Russia appeared after the start of the military special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. The retail network has been closed since March 4. In mid-June, it became known about IKEA's intention to sell four of its factories in the Leningrad, Kirov and Novgorod regions.

Entrepreneurs explained the impossibility of further work on the territory of the Russian Federation with problems with doing business and violation of supply chains under the conditions of sanctions.

In the Moscow region, a number of interested parties have already announced their desire to acquire IKEA assets. Among them are the Hoff furniture retailer and the Tvoi Dom hypermarket chain.

Earlier it was reported that after the start of a military special operation on the territory of Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions, hundreds of Western companies refused to continue doing business in Russia. This led to mass shutdowns of production, the transfer of workers to idle mode and the closure of enterprises, including city- forming ones.