Posted 24 июня 2022,, 10:39

Published 24 июня 2022,, 10:39

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"And now you are leaving!" It became known what cheat sheets his assistants write to Biden

"And now you are leaving!" It became known what cheat sheets his assistants write to Biden

24 июня 2022, 10:39
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The President of America accidentally revealed the secret of what instructions his aides write to him before public speaking.

Ivan Zubov

US President Joe Biden has found himself in yet another unpleasant situation. During a meeting with American entrepreneurs, he mistakenly turned over a cheat sheet that his assistants prepared for him, so that its contents immediately became public. It contained detailed instructions on what and in what order Biden should do at this meeting, the American edition of the New York Post reported. In particular, it says:

- You go to the Roosevelt room and greet the participants;

- You take your seat;

- You give short comments (2 minutes);

- You ask a question to Liz Shuler;

- You thank the participants;

- Now you are leaving...

Russian social networks were not slow to comment on this incident. Someone remembered an old Soviet joke about the unforgettable General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, who reads the following text to the audience:

- O! O! O! O! O!

- Leonid Ilyich, - the assistant whispers, - these are the Olympic rings, the text is below!

Biden reminded someone of Yeltsin:

- Biden is like a drunken Yeltsin, only he's sober. Just not tired yet and not leaving...

Americanist Malek Dudakov summarizes in his channel:

- The older Biden gets (and he will turn 80 on November 20), the more such scandals will be. It's hard to claim the title of "leader of the free world" (as the president of the United States is often called) if you can't even figure out where to sit and what to say without prompting.

Meanwhile, the current US president is going to run for a second term...