Posted 28 июня 2022,, 11:09

Published 28 июня 2022,, 11:09

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IKEA employees attacked with requests to buy goods at a closed sale

IKEA employees attacked with requests to buy goods at a closed sale

28 июня 2022, 11:09
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An internal sale for IKEA employees turned out to be an interesting phenomenon. People began to contact the company's employees with a request to buy goods for them from the Swedish network. And some employees themselves began to offer this service.

Alexander Dybin

So, on sites with ads, you can find similar offers: “I am an IKEA employee, I take orders, the offer is limited. You pay for shipping yourself. I accept orders from 20,000 thousand rubles, 50% advance payment to my personal card".

Commission for the purchase - 10%. Earlier, the Swedish company IKEA announced its withdrawal from Russia, the sale of its enterprises and the closure of stores. The trading network until July 1 announced the sale of balances among employees. Stores are only allowed on official ID. From July 1, everything that is not redeemed will be put up for free sale on-line.

According to IKEA employees interviewed by Novye Izvestia, such proposals are indeed received by employees, but not everyone perceives them positively.

“For many, the departure of IKEA is a tragedy, people have been working for 10-15 years, some have been working for 18 since the very opening. There are those who work with families, - said an employee of IKEA, located in the Mega-Dybenko shopping center in St. Petersburg, - working with everywhere is not good, many look at vacancies and see that everything is sad there. And people in loans, mortgages… In fact, we are left to the mercy of fate, and now we have to rush, sell-buy. In my opinion, this is not right and not what we should be doing now”.

As Alexander Illarionov, organizer of the timber industry trade union, told Novye Izvestia, workers at IKEA factories are even found on social networks and offered to buy goods.

“Employees need a little more sympathy”, - says the source, - “under the posts about the fact that people are losing their jobs, that they need to come up with something to keep jobs, they write comments: looking for an employee, buying things. People decide their fate, but here they are required to buy, it’s ugly”.

However, the employee sale appears to be a success, with employees saying the queues at checkouts are comparable to the old days when people used multiple carts to haul away furniture.