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Published 1 июля 2022,, 15:28

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Enough with the incentives! Doctors of the Mytishchi hospital protest against salary cuts

Enough with the incentives! Doctors of the Mytishchi hospital protest against salary cuts

1 июля 2022, 15:28
Nearly 250 workers at the city hospital in Mytishchi are protesting over wage cuts. After the arrival of “effective managers-optimizers” to the medical institution, the remuneration system changed, the income of doctors fell by 2-3 times.
Moscow region

Doctors, paramedics, nurses are asked to inspect the hospital for abuses by the authorities.

Julia Suntsova

There is another fire on the healthcare optimization map. The scandal at the Mytishchi City Clinical Hospital has already hit the media. Hospital workers themselves make detailed statements in the press. But the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region continues to ignore the demands of doctors and argue that the current situation is a provocation and intrigues on the part of the enemies of the motherland.

Officials are shaking printed tables: the average salary in a medical institution for April-May 2022 for doctors was almost 130 thousand rubles, and for nurses - 71.5 thousand rubles. At the same time, a key fact is omitted: the figure includes all processing and combinations, as well as the average salary is derived taking into account all employees of the Mytishchi City Clinical Hospital, including gigantic salaries of management.

So, for example, Andrey Tretyakov, head physician of the Mytishchi City Clinical Hospital, according to the submitted income declarations, received an income for 2020 of 5 million rubles, and for 2021 increased it to almost 5.5 million rubles. And these incomes, among other things, dilute the income of all other doctors. There is also a manipulation of the average data for two months (April and May), while the fall in wages occurred precisely in May, the Interregional Trade Union of Medical Workers emphasizes.

After the accrued salaries for May, in which a huge hole was discovered, in just a few days, 247 signatures of hospital employees were collected under a collective appeal against wage cuts.

Hospital staff have estimated that since 2020, more than 350 employees have already left the Mytishchi City Clinical Hospital due to deteriorating conditions, and the shortage of staff is likely to worsen.

On Thursday, June 30, a collective appeal was filed with the federal and regional ministries of health, the governor of the Moscow region, the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, the prosecutor's office and other authorities.

Employees of various departments of the Mytishchi City Clinical Hospital of the Moscow Region - doctors, paramedics, nurses, nurses, medical registrars and other personnel (including elevator attendants, cloakroom attendants, kitchen workers, etc.) - categorically disagree with nothing not caused by a decrease in their wages.

- Most of the hospital staff unexpectedly found themselves in a difficult economic situation in June. The reason is the new wage system approved by the administration. The official salary began to make up only an insignificant part of the salary - about 30%, everything else - compensatory and incentive payments. So, for example, the main incentive payment (for intensity) for an emergency medical assistant amounted to more than 42 thousand rubles until May 2022. for 1 rate with a salary of about 20 thousand rubles. As a result of May, the amounts of these incentive payments were reduced several times for employees of various departments of the hospital! health workers say.

The accrual system installed in the hospital operates contrary to the recommendations of the Russian Ministry of Health, the decisions of the Russian Tripartite Commission for the Regulation of Socio-Economic Relations, the industry agreement for the Moscow Region, which do not allow the share of incentive and bonus payments to exceed the salary, comments in the trade union.

In mid-June, all hospital employees received pay slips on stimulus payments with the indication “for June 2022” to their email addresses. They showed a multiple drop in payments - by 2-3 or more times! So, for example, the decrease in incentive payments with the number of hours worked comparable to previous months amounted to:

- at the emergency pediatrician - from 35,280 rubles. for April to 14,688 rubles. for May (for the main position).

- at the paramedic of the "covid" brigade of the emergency medical department - from 42,735 rubles. for March up to 12,940 rubles. for May (for the main position);

- at the neurologist of the children's polyclinic: from 32,256 rubles. for April to 14,688 rubles. for May (for the main position).

In addition, cases of unjustified deprivation of incentive payments to employees were recorded. In particular, the psychologist of the MGKB department of the children's polyclinic No. 2 has a salary without incentive payments of 17,717 rubles. Incentive payments for intensity in 2022 are displayed only in the payslip for January 2022, that is, they were paid for the last time in December 2021, although before that they were paid regularly for 7 years.

- No notifications about changes in the terms of remuneration by the employer were provided, just as these changes were not made to the current local regulatory legal acts of the State Budgetary Institution of Health of the Moscow Region "Mytishchi City Clinical Hospital".

- We ask you to explain the reasons for the reduction in payments, but the administration avoids a direct answer, explaining its actions either by the arisen debt of the medical organization, or by failure to fulfill the plan. However, among us there are workers who, as we know for sure, have fulfilled and even exceeded their planned amount of work. In any case, there can be no question of any decrease in our workload in May by several times! employees comment.

Doctors attribute the current situation to personnel changes in the financial and economic unit of the hospital, which have been made in recent months. Simply put, as part of the “optimization” program, a team of “effective managers” entered another Russian medical facility.

In addition to falling salaries, employees of the Mytishchi hospital note other “chronic” violations of the rights of workers and patients and labor legislation:

- For entire categories of workers, additional holidays for harmful working conditions have been illegally canceled, although there are no changes for the better in the workplace, doctors say.

- The profile procedures for the provision of medical care, established by orders of the Ministry of Health of Russia, are not fully observed, including the staffing standards.

- Labor standards are violated: norms for the time of receiving patients, norms for the number of staff, norms for output. Excessive workload not only harms the health and psycho-emotional state of doctors and all medical workers, but also cannot but affect the quality and accessibility of medical care to the population.

An initiative group of employees of the Mytishchi City Clinical Hospital asks the authorized authorities to conduct an audit and establish what caused the sharp drop in wages, as well as to assess the legality of the management's actions that led to a difficult situation that poses a threat to the availability of medical care to the population.