Posted 1 июля 2022,, 12:14

Published 1 июля 2022,, 12:14

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Irina Mukhina: "Parents should not allow their children to turn into digital Mowgli"

Irina Mukhina: "Parents should not allow their children to turn into digital Mowgli"

1 июля 2022, 12:14
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, specialist in the field of artificial intelligence, digitalization and Big Data Irina Mukhina (Canada) on the YouTube channel “Conceptual. Meanings” told about what plans for children and humanity as a whole are trying to implement digitalizers.

“Parents, now you have the most important, most responsible task - to raise a generation that in the future will be able to manage the complexity of the world that we leave to it.

It is quite obvious to me that the virtualization of consciousness at an early age leads to serious distortions. I faced it. I call such people "digital Mowgli".

We all know that there have been cases in history when a child fell into the hands of wolves. Then such children after a certain age could not learn to speak.

It has been proven many times that children who until the age of ten, approximately, did not have the opportunity to hear speech, then it is already impossible to return to human society.

From my experience, about such “digital mowglis”: foreign students studied the topic of artificial intelligence with me, they were infinitely talented, they very quickly found the necessary portals, they could algorithmize very quickly, but they were pure sociopaths. Couldn't build a relationship.

They caused a very negative attitude towards themselves in the group, due to the fact that they did not know how to behave like a human at all.

That is, they were very rude, sharp, could not express their thoughts, could not answer. And when they failed, they got very angry. Once in my class, they even fought, 25-year-old men. One of the students once behaved rudely with me, another stood up for me.

And all this is not an accident, this is not some single case, but this is a very significant case - to what extent a person who has grown up with a screen cannot be part of society.

And in fact, this is exactly the plan of those people who are now actively promoting virtual worlds into the world. I call them "echo rooms", it's about the metaverse.

This is the creation of a parallel universe in which a person does not actually feel the need to communicate with the real world. He is immersed in an individual environment in which he has enough skills to ensure his, one might say, existence.

In Japan, there are about a million so-called hikikomori ( colloquially, hikki is a Japanese term for people who refuse social life and often strive for an extreme degree of social isolation and solitude due to various personal and social factors - approx. "NI" ) who do not communicate with the outside world at all. They order food for home, friends and so on.

That is, the possibility of the existence of people in our world according to this principle has already been proven. It has not been proven otherwise - what are the consequences of the fact that humanity will lose this social cohesion. But it is a well-known fact that it is society that makes a person human.”

The entire video can be viewed here.