Posted 4 июля 2022,, 12:05

Published 4 июля 2022,, 12:05

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The whole question is the size of the flies, or how they fight corruption in Russia

4 июля 2022, 12:05
Константин Калачев
Sociological surveys show that the majority of Russian citizens do not believe in the sincerity of the intentions of the authorities fighting corruption

Konstantin Kalachyov, political analyst

The fight against corruption is a web: large flies break through it, and small flies get stuck.

More and more laws, less and less laws. The selective nature of the fight against corruption is obvious even to the loyal majority. There have been many studies on this topic. A few years ago, VTsIOM (The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center) devoted a whole study and a large round table to this topic.

The conclusions were disappointing - the majority did not believe in the sincerity of intentions. The majority believed that those who did not share, crossed someone's path, became a "stranger", quarreled with someone, played the role of a switchman, fell under the distribution.

Since then, little has changed.

To the question of the size of the flies. The rector of the RANEPA is accused of embezzling 21 million rubles. Money worthless to him. And this is by agreement, by a group of people. Billions were entrusted to him, and he stole a silver spoon from the table.

Why he fell into disgrace, one can only guess.

But it's not even about him anymore. The machine is running, the flywheel is running.

He is not the last.

The question is who's next.

As one Singaporean minister said - It's only difficult the very first time. It's like making love. Once you do it, and then it gets easier and easier.

For whom the Bell Tolls? Yes, for anyone who for some reason fell out or was pushed out of the cage.

The fattest flies live as long as there are smaller flies. Spiders simply do not have an urgent need for them. But this is temporary.