Posted 5 июля 2022,, 07:15

Published 5 июля 2022,, 07:15

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Britain refused to use warships to export Ukrainian grain

Britain refused to use warships to export Ukrainian grain

5 июля 2022, 07:15
Фото: Reuters
The British authorities do not intend to violate the Montreux Convention for the sake of exporting grain from the territory of Ukraine by sea.

This was stated by Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson during a speech in the House of Commons of the British Parliament.

“No, we are not considering such a possibility. There are alternative solutions that do not require the presence of warships of Great Britain or other countries in the Black Sea, although they may require us to take a tougher approach, TASS quoted Johnson as saying.

As alternatives, London is considering river transportation of goods from Ukraine along the Danube, as well as expanding the capabilities of railways.

Johnson explained that these routes would not allow transporting such large volumes of grain as a full-fledged sea convoy under military protection could provide. However, London would prefer the export in fractional batches to a violation of the Montreux Convention.

Johnson also added that he considers it necessary to increase NATO military assistance to Ukraine in order to prevent Putin from regrouping his troops.

European politicians explain the need for a quick export of Ukrainian wheat and other grains by the impending global food crisis , which intensified against the backdrop of the Russian military special operation on the territory of Ukraine.

Britain explained that if the country decided to introduce a military convoy, this would require the entry of warships into the Black Sea, and this issue is regulated by the Montreux Convention, the implementation of which is monitored by Turkey.

The Turkish authorities insist on strict observance of the convention in order to maintain stability in the Black Sea region.