Posted 5 июля 2022,, 06:33

Published 5 июля 2022,, 06:33

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Volvo Group will dismiss part of the employees of the plant in Kaluga

Volvo Group will dismiss part of the employees of the plant in Kaluga

5 июля 2022, 06:33
The Volvo Group has decided to make staff cuts in Russia during the year. We are talking about employees of the Volvo Trucks truck production plant in Kaluga - now the plant is idle, but the company has not announced its withdrawal from Russia.

According to Kommersant, the plant will be mothballed due to problems due to the ban on the supply of components to Russia.

- It is too early to say what will happen next with the production sites of the Volvo Group in Russia. The company did not make a decision to leave the market, - noted in the Russian office.

Now they determine the scale of the reduction. In connection with the sanctions of the European Union, which affected the supply of components to the Russian Federation, the Volvo Group is actually unable to assemble cars.

The plant in Kaluga was opened by the company in 2009. The planned capacity of the enterprise is 15,000 trucks annually: 10,000 for Volvo, 5,000 for Renault Trucks. At the end of 2020, 606 people worked at Volvo Vostok, and 668 people at Volvo Components in 2019.

Last year Russia accounted for 3% of Volvo Group's sales.

Recall that in May, the American company Jabil, which specializes in the contract assembly of complex electronics, announced the termination of the plant in Tver and notified 90 employees of the plant about this.