Posted 11 июля 2022,, 08:23

Published 11 июля 2022,, 08:23

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The court refused to recognize the arrest of the scientist Kolker, who died in custody, as illegal

The court refused to recognize the arrest of the scientist Kolker, who died in custody, as illegal

11 июля 2022, 08:23
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The Novosibirsk Regional Court rejected the defense's complaint and upheld the decision of the court of first instance on the detention of seriously ill scientist Dmitry Kolker, who died immediately after his arrest.

The lawyer said that he provided all the necessary medical documents for a milder measure of restraint to Kolker, suspected of treason. However, the court refused to grant the request.

“Having considered the complaint against the ruling of the Sovetsky District Court <…>, I decided: leave the ruling unchanged , the complaint is not satisfied”, - TASS quotes the decision of the Novosibirsk judge.

Lawyer Alexander Fedulov said that he would definitely appeal the decision made by the discussion.

“We will seek to ensure that the case is not terminated, we will seek the rehabilitation of Kolker”, - the lawyer said.

In his opinion, the court unlawfully applied the most severe preventive measure possible to Kolker, who is suffering from stage four cancer.

Kolker was taken to the pre-trial detention center on June 30 directly from the clinic - from the hospital bed, where the dying doctor of science was undergoing palliative treatment. The patient's condition at that time was very difficult: he could no longer eat on his own. Three days later, the professor died in jail.

Kolker's relatives were shocked by the cruelty of the investigation and trial.

“This is a great tragedy for our family. This should not have happened!”, — wrote in social networks after the death of his father, the daughter of Dmitry Kolker Alina Mironova.

Meanwhile, the abuse of the relatives of the deceased 54-year-old scientist continues. According to the lawyer, Kolker's body is in Moscow. And it is not issued to relatives without a passport of the deceased. And relatives cannot get the document.

In 2018, a scientist from Novosibirsk lectured in China as part of the cooperation between the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Chinese scientists, and in 2021, experts from the Russian Ministry of Defense unexpectedly announced that the texts of Kolker's lectures contained state secrets. This happened despite the fact that he coordinated the texts of speeches with the FSB. Moreover, everywhere the scientist was accompanied by FSB officers, he was forbidden to speak and speak in English.

Novosibirsk physicist Dmitry Kolker did not admit his guilt in the crime until his death in the Lefortovo prison.

Kolker was the head of the Laboratory of Quantum Optical Technologies of the Faculty of Physics of Novosibirsk State University, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, author of 112 scientific papers and three patents.

Previously, a whole galaxy of Russian scientists , including elderly people, was subjected to criminal prosecution by the FSB. After prominent scientists began to be arrested one after another “for treason”, there were reports of mass emigration of Russian scientists abroad.