Posted 12 июля 2022,, 15:27

Published 12 июля 2022,, 15:27

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Not according to the statutes: the Canadian soldiers were allowed to have piercing, beards and manicure

Not according to the statutes: the Canadian soldiers were allowed to have piercing, beards and manicure

12 июля 2022, 15:27
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The Department of Defense of Canada has introduced innovations in the military service charter regarding the appearance of military personnel.

Ivan Zubov

The Canadian military department has adopted changes in the articles of the charter of military service, which relate to the appearance of military personnel. The explanation published on the website of the Ministry of Defense says that the currently operating installations are "outdated and do not correspond to modern realities".

"The overall goal of the updated Canadian Forces Dress Regulations is to make the regulations more inclusive and less restrictive, and to allow members of the armed forces more freedom to make personal decisions about their appearance, while maintaining the safety and operational efficiency of military service".

The updates come into effect from September this year. Then the Canadian military will be able to:

- men and women are allowed to wear items of clothing of the opposite sex, including men will be allowed to wear skirts;

- make tattoos, including on the face. However, at the same time, they should not promote racism, homophobia, sexism, religious and other intolerance;

- wear hair of any length, as well as dye it in any color;

- wear long nails, rings and piercings in the ears, in particular, "earrings-tunnels" of a certain width;

- do not shave your face and wear beards, sideburns and mustaches of any shape, but in such a way that they look neat;

- wear backpacks on one, but the left shoulder, in order to be able to freely salute with the right hand.

It is also noted that these innovations are introduced with conditions that imply that, under certain conditions, commanders will be able to require subordinates to remove piercings, shave their beards or dye their hair.