Posted 12 июля 2022,, 07:25

Published 12 июля 2022,, 07:25

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Sberbank clients complained about the growth of the first mortgage payment from 15% to 35%

Sberbank clients complained about the growth of the first mortgage payment from 15% to 35%

12 июля 2022, 07:25
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Clients began to complain en masse about the sudden increase in the down payment on approved applications for a mortgage loan - the bank initially approved the conditions with a down payment of 15-20%, and then raised the threshold to 35%.

According to Kommersant, pointing to the complaints that appear on, one of the realtors speaks of at least a thousand cases in which the bank understood the down payment. Moreover, many clients have already managed to spend money on preparing for the transaction, for example, to pay a deposit to the seller, pay for an appraisal of an apartment or house, or pay a realtor. Sberbank explains the initial approval of the loan by the desire to keep the client.

At the same time, employees of the credit organization stated that the bank has the right to reject an application for a mortgage if the applicant's mortgage solvency is insufficient, and on an individual basis there are opportunities not to refuse, for example, by increasing the down payment. But clients assure that their financial situation has not changed since the approval of the mortgage.

Experts advise remembering that pre-approval is not yet a contract, and therefore the conditions may change. By raising rates, the bank is trying to reduce the risks in terms of the loan-to-collateral ratio. The most reliable share experts name exactly 30-40%.

But human rights activists are confident in the bad faith of the credit institution, which raises the first installment at this stage. In particular, they propose to interpret such actions as an abuse of the right.

Recall that in May this year, the volume of mortgage loans in Russia decreased by almost 14% compared to April. In May, banks provided borrowers with 139.7 billion rubles of loans for the purchase of housing, which is 13.6% less than in April, when mortgage lending reached 161.6 billion rubles.