Posted 14 июля 2022,, 12:11

Published 14 июля 2022,, 12:11

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Universal fighter: Israel has created the smartest cruise missile

14 июля 2022, 12:11
The Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has revealed some information about its new air-launched missile, which is called the “fifth generation weapon”. It is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 300 kilometers.

Alexander Sychev

The cruise missile was named Ice Breaker ("Icebreaker"). In fact, Rafael has created a compact system that is suitable for launching from any launchers. Last year, the Israelis showed off a sea-launched missile they called the Sea Breaker. Ice Breaker is practically the same rocket. There is also an option for launching from ground installations, but this also uses an accelerator.

Israeli designers tried to make suspension blocks on the Icebreaker that are suitable for many aircraft. So, without much preparation, a rocket can be launched, for example, from a French Puma helicopter or a Swedish Gripen fighter, a South Korean FA-50 combat training aircraft, an Italian M-346 and an American F-16. A Swedish fighter can carry six Ice Breaker missiles, and an F-16 can carry seven.

In general, the thing is made for sale. The company does not hide this, saying that a series of negotiations has already been held with customers on three continents, where they showed interest in the system.

Judging by the disclosed performance characteristics, the missile has a number of advantages. In addition to a decent range, it turned out to be very compact. What engine is used is not reported, but it is obvious that it is very economical. The rocket is only four meters long and weighs less than 400 kilograms. At a speed slightly less than sonic, it carries a penetrating warhead, high-explosive or fragmentation, weighing a quarter of a ton.

But the electronic filling deserves special attention. This, apparently, is the fact that Ice Breaker belongs to the fifth generation. The missile is equipped with an advanced infrared sensor, and artificial intelligence created by "deep learning" technology automatically recognizes images, detects targets and recognizes them. Using a large database, he is able to match landscape shots and position himself in space.

However, the missile is equipped with a combined navigation system consisting of inertial and global positioning (GPS) units. They tried to protect the navigation system from interference and outside interference. The mission is pre-planned and entered into the computer. Through a two-way long-range communication channel, you can control the missile and update the task, if necessary. But the "Icebreaker" can function completely autonomously, obeying only its own "brain".

Company representatives claim that Ice Breaker can move at extremely low altitudes, below the level of enemy radar, and change direction. In its design, technologies for reducing visibility are also used.

"Icebreaker" is designed for inflicting deep strikes on enemy territory. Israeli designers claim that it is extremely difficult to notice a missile and destroy it. It is well protected from electronic warfare systems.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, in a speech earlier this month, noted the growth in sales of the country's defense industry products in the Middle East. However, when asked about potential contracts with the countries of the closest Arab environment, he declined to comment.